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  1. if anyone out there has a connection to a 1967 olds 98 convertible, i am looking for a piece of cowl molding for the winshield and a piece of fender skirt molding for the drivers side rear wheel. any help would be appreciated.
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  3. hope all are well. can anyone tell me if there are interchangable parts, ie. does the 68 olds 98 have the same dimensions for trim and molding or cadillac eldorado or other makes. Looking for two pieces of trim to complete my restoration and having a hard time finding a cowl for the bottom of the windshield and fender skirt molding. any help would be appreciated.
  4. glen, thanks for the tip, i will certainly look at ebay. thanks again. jim
  5. thanks for the reply matt. new to this. that helped out. i appreciate it. jim
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  7. Please help!!! 1967 oldsmobile 98 convertible is in need of: a trunk, chrome molding for wheel skirts, chrome trunk molding and chrome cowl molding. any help would be apprecited.
  8. Please Help!!! Looking for some parts on a 67 olds 98 convertible. I need a trunk and some chrome molding for the windshield, trunk and wheel shirts. any help would be greatly apprecited. Jim
  9. Hi all. I'm restoring a 67 olds 98 convertible and need a few parts. can anyone point me in the right direction for some chrome molding or a trunk? thanks, jim