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  1. I am having trouble removing the handbrake drum on my 1929 Standard Six. I have removed the driveline, the brake pad and attached parts and the nut holding the drum to the transmission shaft but the drum won't budge. Am I overlooking something? Thanks, Terry
  2. I have a 1929 Dodge Standard Six with mechanical breaks. The rear axle seals let oil leak onto the break drums. Is there a replacement seal available? Thanks, Terry
  3. Thanks to all for their input. I will try some of the various suggestions. My car is not running at the present time. I will roll it around to try and loosen the hub. Terry
  4. Jim, Thanks for the links. I'll give them a try Terry
  5. John, Thanks for the info. I might have to have one made. Terry
  6. I have a 1929 Dodge Standard Six and I am looking for a wheel puller to remove the rear wheels. Any idea where I can find one? Terry Cuddeford
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