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  1. I was at Tockets sale. I end up with some of his casting, jigs to machine parts. I just recently pick up the pattern collection he had. He did alot for keeping the early Cadillac going.
  2. Caddy shack. Do you have your 1904 Cadillac up for sale? What are you asking? Have you found the parts you need?
  3. Neat car. I been around one. Work on it some. It was 10 years ago. I believe it sold to a private collector in Nebraska.
  4. Eveythings obo. Can't hurt to make an offer.
  5. Need to move these parts. Price change Engine 260 Front axel 75 Rear end 300 Pm me if you have any quastions
  6. I have for sale TT rear end. It turns free. $375 T front axle. $150 T engine transmission . $300 If you have any quastions please fill free to ask. Location is Enterprise, Ks
  7. I have some things for sale 1 1916 Model T Block. Cylinder look to be in great shape. Has been welded on one side.( small spot on water jacket side) ask $125 plus shipping 2 Model T door lack 1926-1927. Spring back nice. It in good shape. Just need to be clean up and used. Ask $15 Plus shipping 3. Model A spare tire carrier Asking $ 30 plus shipping 4. Two Ford hub caps from the 1960's $30.00 for the pair plus shipping Pm for photos and any quastions. Local in Enterprise,Kansas at AAA Restoration Thanks for looking
  8. I have a spare tire carrier of a Model A that I don't need. $25 plus shiping Location Chapman, ks
  9. Looks like you have a nice older restoration Reo. I noted theres no rear doors. Witch Reo touring cars woud have had in 08. Do you have the back doors? This info I have is coming out of the Advanced Catalog Reo Automobile 1908 issue. Engine in these cars where two cyl producing 16hp. Would cruise comfortably at 35 mph. Sold for around $1250 when new. They came with Gray and Davis oil and gas lamps. Looks like someone took the generator replaced it with a Prestolite light tank. The original coil box on this cars should be a National coil box and coils.
  10. Glade to see you doing this. I hope you can find the owner.
  11. I have for sale a 1912 Cadillac clutch assembly. Sold as is. Asking $200 obo Plus shipping. Localed in Enterprise, Ks If you have question please ask.
  12. Do you know anyone in the States?
  13. Need a generate for a 1913 Reo. This is the one that runs the distribute out the end of it. Please pm me if you have one Thanks
  14. austincar6

    wtb oiler

    Friend is looking for a 1907 oiler for a two Cyl. Reo. It can be one that needed restore. His name is Grayl and the phone number is316-832-0994
  15. Art s sound like a neat car. Is she restored? Dose any one know if there any body blueprint copy available?
  16. Chrycoman lot of great information there on the body building plants. Thanks
  17. Keiser 31 thanks for the lead on master cylinder.
  18. How do these cars hold up touring? I know the engine in these cars are bulletproof with the seven main bearings. I hear the brakes can be problematic if you let them set.
  19. I have to try to get a better photo of her sometime. The only thing I am missing so far is the brake master cylinder. Any idea on where to get one?
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