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  1. I used to get that start up tick too. I still happens but no where near as often as before. I think it is because I started using 10-40 oil , was using 10-50 before and more importantly, in my opinion, is I don’t let the car actually start until the oil pressure light goes out by cranking over with the starter. Car is 1965 Rivi gs
  2. Personally I would stick with either TOM or RUSS whomever is closest.being you said there were no issues I would not do a rebuild. A rebuild usually involves going at least .010” over on the cylinders . Right there you will not be at stock specs and you just removed precious metal without a need to. Save the rebuild for when you need it.
  3. I am of the opinion that the electronics have improved over the years So not so much a concern anymore. But still a good idea to carry a set of points if only for peace of mind. I also carry a electric fuel pump in the trunk. Have had the mechanical ones fail on me 3 times over 15 years
  4. I like the fact that you don’t have to worry about parts wearing out and needing to change. Thats probably the biggest plus for me.
  5. I switched to electronic from points . Does idle and start better but definitely NOT an increase of 45 hp .
  6. I my opinion mechanical inclinations and musical inclinations are something that you are born with as is athletic ability. You either got it or you don’t . Those who got it will always be better at what ever their inclination is than those that don’t simply because it comes naturally to them.
  7. Ok got it. Them fans do draw some amps!
  8. Curious as to what you have that is a non factory load the would require a bigger output generator?
  9. Black exterior white interior... very cool color combo ! Good work on the seats. A diamond in the rough for sure. I’m sure you will bring back the beauty in her!
  10. They happened all the time here in l a area precovid. Many of the donk crowd are children and grandchildren of the older low rider generation
  11. No not a trend. He is just reliving his youth like many of us in our 60’s do through our cars. The trend now is the opposite. Big wheels with rubber band tires
  12. those are most likely 520/14 wheel. Very popular back in the 70’s
  13. I was married once For 22 yrs. I can say for sure NEVER AGAIN!
  14. I totally relate. Keep all the toys I want and play with them all I want. Single life not for everyone but sure works for me!
  15. Prior to Covid my Rivi was my daily driver . That is the main reason I have not done a quality paint / interior job on the car. I feel I won’t enjoy it the way I do unrestored. Will worry about every scratch and ding. Since Covid I have driven it maybe 20 miles. I am in that age group that may not survive it, 64. catching that is a big fear of mine. Fortunately I am perfectly content being home 24/7 tinkering with my harleys, Rivi at times and I also have a 1970 Chevy pick up waiting for me to drop an LS motor into it. Hopefully a effective vaccine or therapeutic drugs will come on the market and things will get back to som kind of normality. Until then, she sadly sits .
  16. You need a multimeter that can read at least 10 amps of dc current. Once you get one check the current on each wire to ground. If one is much higher than the rest that is most likely your problem. Also loose connections at the switch itself can be a problem.
  17. Tom, from what I understand you designed and made some quality roller rockers. Still making them or having them made to your specs?
  18. A test with a wire from the battery positive to the switch pitch connection on the tranny would essentially be the same thing as adding a relay as your friend suggested. Save you the trouble of adding the relay only to find out it did not solve the problem.
  19. Is the micro working right?check the wiring to the micro switch for bare wire possibly making contact with metal . Also make sure your connections on both ends are good and tight.
  20. I think the flasher needs to have light bulbs on the the circuits to work. Out of curiosity, where was the switch mounted? Cool looking switch!
  21. Bill , you and bob have some great memorabilia there. Kudos to both of you! I agree with your assessment as to bobs character! Don’t know him other than a few pm’s and what he posts here bit my gut tells me he is a good man.
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