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  1. Almost. I had to order all of the material last year and then back up , save up, and get it done this year. I am fortunate to have a friend in the upholstery business. These cars are not cheap to re do on the inside , or out for that matter.
  2. My 1956 Imperial just went into the upholstery shop about a week ago for a new interior. I hope to be able to post some pictures when it comes back home.
  3. No I have not but I will since you mention it. I used to frequent the Chrysler Maserati TC page but traded it for my Barracuda. I've owned the Cuda for a little over a month now but have owned my '56 Imperial for going on 24 years now.
  4. I just wanted to say hello to the group as a new member.
  5. the most common found problem that I had with my TC were simple electrical problems mostly cured by cleaning the grounds or replacing a switch. I owned mine for almost three years and enjoyed it. I would still have it had a better deal not came along.
  6. what is the value of a real nice 67 Formula S . It does not have the original 273. It was replaced with a 340.
  7. If all goes well, my TC will be heading to a new home and my stable just gained a '66 Barracuda Formula S.
  8. I need the harness plugs for the O 2 sensor.
  9. I need the male and female connectors for the 02 . Does anybody have one?
  10. well, I'm back looking again. Anyone wanting to sell?
  11. I'm making 300 hp with my 8 valve but it took a good bit of money.
  12. Just for good measure, being that the engine is already out, I would roll a new set of rod bearings in it.
  13. I just bought on off ebay and gave $15 for it. The big question now is, does it work? If not I'll be back .
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