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  1. That was our car, John. :confused: We talked before (last year I think) remember? I’m glad to hear from you again. The easiest way I could share some photos with you is to give you a link to some pages of our family web site. I have described the car in detail and there are 150 plus photographs of the car. Here is a link:<o></o> * HOME (Our Family Packard 12)
  2. Thank you for the reply BONDOforever. I was referring to the twelves. If modifications to the ribs are needed I would be interested in the material these were made from. Do you think it is urethane like the 1935-7 covers are? I am just trying to gauge how difficult it is going to be to match texture and gloss (or lack of) levels of the material. It sounds as if you have done a pair of these. Here is a photo of an original cover on a 1939 Twelve we have.
  3. I am looking for a set of running board covers for 1939 Packard senior cars. I think a fellow in Iowa has continuous pattern covers in any length. I would like to know if anyone produces the correct rib pattern that ends each rib as the contour cuts each one off. Thank you in advance for your help.
  4. Hello David, Don’t forget the interior made from Papier-mâché, the cardboard convertible top and of course the Styrofoam tires and wheels. I appreciate the great compliment in spite of your bizarre humor (how else would I know it was you).<o></o> <o></o> We are sorry we will not be able to attend the Truth or Consequences New Mexico tour. You should have not tempted us like that. We may have a large group at Thanksgiving and Michele is involved with a statewide training / conference for the Public Defender office. November looks very busy. That Spa / resort sounds wonderful. <o></o> Say a big hello to David Jr. and Ana for us!<o></o> <o></o>
  5. You would think this is my first day with the new laptop! Here are two photos; one looking rearward and one facing the front. This was as they were just setting up. Not all the cars were in Warren OH yet. Thank you for the kind words John. Here is a photo of just how large that tent (temporary structure) was. The photo was taken about halfway facing to the rear. It is unbelievable how much work the Museum and all the volunteers did. This was an event that will never happen again. That is why we wanted to attend with the Sport Phaeton.
  6. Hello John, yes that was our Sport Phaeton. We were pleased and honored to have our car in such good company. I will post more on this later as I have time.
  7. I was at the National Packard Museum anniversary show in July this year. Great show. I will upload photos one at a time as my time permits. Enjoy
  8. Original manual for a thirty seven twelve purchased by Mr.Potter in 1939 for his Pair of 1937 Packard Twelves (Club sedan and Coupe) purchased from the Packard dealer. [http://picasaweb.google.com/Packard.Twelve/Potter?feat=directlink]
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