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  1. Hi, I believe this is a 1951 Pontiac. I would like to confirm the year and also want to know which model this is. Thanks. Ho! Ho! Ho! Steve
  2. Hi, For once I really think I know what the car in the photo is. Until 1963 my father drove a 1956 Chevrolet station wagon (in a lime green and black paint scheme - not the nicest combination). So I do believe that this photo also shows a 1956. What I don't know is what model this is. Anxiously awaiting the answer! Thanks, Steve
  3. Hi! I'm not sure if I'm following correctly. Is this a 1925 Canadian built mode or a 1927? Thanks. Steve
  4. Ahrens-Fox didn't do much in the way of body work on the cars. The cars were built by Republic and aside from mounting warning lights and a small amount of equipment on the running boards they were pretty much the same as what came out of the factory.
  5. Hi, Do yo mean one of the Republic/Ahrens-Fox cars? I would be interested in knowing the name of the owner so I could get in contact with them. If you have any additional information I would like to hear from you. Thanks. Steve
  6. Hi, Another Chief's car from Toronto. This one is an Oakland and it also carries a 1928 tag. I would like to know the year and model please. Also, this car is much nicer looking than the Buick from the T.F.D. that I posted a few minutes ago. Was this an expensive car or more mid range? Thank you. Steve
  7. Hi, More fire department vehicles to identify. This Buick has a 1928 Ontario license plate (it's from Toronto). I would like to know the year and model if possible. As always, thank you for your assistance. Steve
  8. Sometimes the answer is right in front of you.... Joe, Thank you for replying again to this thread. I was "certain" that the photo I posted couldn't be one of the Republic/Ahrens-Fox chiefs cars because of that unusual oval shaped gas tank. I pulled up the one and only image I have of one of these that doesn't have a chemical tank and started messing around with the picture (which isn't a very good image and that I've had in my collection for 20 years) in Photoshop and much to my surprise you can see the curve on the top of the oval fuel tank! I never realized that p
  9. Hi Greg, Thank you for your reply. Prior to what I listed the only vehicles purchased by the CFD were a 1909 Packard, 4 1913 Nybergs and the 4 1913 Ahrens-Fox rigs. I have photos of all of those vehicles (well only 3 out of 4 on the A-F's) and this is definitely not one of them. The Ahrens-Fox units were much smaller than this car and were built on Republic automobile chassis. I have a complete listing of all vehicles purchased by the department from 1909 - 1928. The 1909 Packard was the first motor vehicle purchased by the CFD. I've tried searching for images of a Steinway a
  10. Hi, Thank you all for your replies. I'll list the cars purchased by Cincinnati from this era (I'll exclude the Model T's). 1915 Buick Runabout 1916 Steinway (It sure would be nice if it was this oddball) 1917 Chalmers 1918 Premier 7 Passenger (2 purchased - I have a photo of one of these, definitely not the same) 1918 Buick Roadster (2 purchased) 1919 Buick Model K-44 (2 purchased) 1921 Reo 1922 Sayers (5 purchased) 1922 Reo (4 purchased) So, which will it be?
  11. Hello Everyone, I'm hoping someone can identify this beauty. As always I'm clueless, but I have information on all autos purchased by the CFD during this time period so if someone can point me in the right direction I may be able to pin down which car this is. As always, I appreciate the assistance. Steve
  12. I just knew that big "C" on the hub caps had to mean Cadillac as fancy looking as this car is! The tires are Fisk 5.50/18.
  13. Hi, I ran across this and thought that two Cadillac's are better than one! That is if I'm correct that this is a Caddy. So, I would appreciate knowing the year, model and make (if I'm wrong about what this is). Thanks gang. Steve
  14. Hello! Hopefully everyone has stayed indoors identifying old photos as much as possible. Really, I do hope that everyone is well. The attached photos shows what I believe is a mid-1930's vintage Cadillac (the V-16 emblem stood out). As always I'm interested in knowing the year and model of this car. I believe that this car had been around a while when the photo was taken as the auto across the street looks like it's a late 1930's build. So, your input is welcomed. Thanks... Steve
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