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  1. I also found this annoying on our '31 90 and was surprised to see it confirmed as correct by the wiring diagram I solved it by fitting a divider and an extra bulb-there's just room for a festoon type bulb in there, and a seperate feed from the reverse light switch sorry have not got a photo to hand at the moment but will take one and post it ASAP cheers Jules
  2. Looking good! and thanks for the SU info, definite food for thought-I shall need to work out if the 345ci 90 engine would require slightly larger ones cheers Jules
  3. Looks fantastic! Bad luck re the axle How does it run on the 4 SUs did you have much trouble with sizing carbs/jets/needles? We have a '31 90 and have dreadful trouble with the Marvel and modern fuel and I'm sorely tempted to go the SU route regards Jules
  4. Sorry Tom, no I do not have an electronic copy but can highly recommend the Specifications and Adjustments book-it covers all the engines for 1931 so will be good for your car cheers Jules
  5. Here's a pic of how your "mystery" piece goes, then, after fitting the rubber matting the edge moulding slide on (quite a tight fit!) cheers Jules
  6. there's one on Ebay at the moment: ORIGINAL 1931 BUICK 8 BIG SERIES RADIATOR CAP OR HOOD ORNAMENT | eBay cheers Jules
  7. Hi Eduardo That's great! let us know how you get on- we like pictures! cheers jules
  8. For 1931 the "Specifications and Adjustments" Manual has a very good graph for road speed in relation to engine RPM showing exact figures which differ for each model, not just engine size-the more "sporty" open cars seeming to rev higher than the big saloons. It shows the largest car/engine (Series 90-344.8 CI) doing 3000RPM at 65MPH and the smaller (Series 50-220.7CI) doing 3500+at 65MPH I assume the manual for 1941 should have the same info? cheers Jules
  9. It sounds to me that the CCCA is not an organisation with which any of us should be bothered, IMHO anyone who has custody of a PreWar car of any sort has something really special. Who cares what the CCCA thinks (whoever it is!) cheers Jules
  10. Hi Simon I'm intrigued-if you haven't got the Oil Temperature Regulator how is everything connected? The one on our '31 90 is working fine fortunately! Bob's has the manuals which are indispensable IMHO! cheers Jules
  11. You wouldn't have any "Serious re-engineering" Marty, they do it all! just have a look at the Classic/restoration section on their website: Gear Vendors Under/Overdrive Custom and Classic Applications auxiliary transmissions. cheers Jules
  12. you could try this guy, he has lots of old carbs including this one on ebay: *** 1931 BUICK CARB *** | eBay his name is Rand Broadstreet: broadstreetltd@msn.com cheers Jules
  13. these also look very good although we've not tried them for our '31 8-90 yet-need to save up some money! Gear Vendors under/overdrive transmissions the most awarded auxiliary transmissions. cheers Jules
  14. Hi there Let us know where you are and please post some pictures-us '31 90 owners need to stick together!! cheers Jules
  15. Hear Hear, good on ya Leif! wish there were more pictures of parts for 1931:( cheers Jules
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