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  1. Looking to transfer my project to a good home. I just don't have the time/space/money for it. All of the information is below. I will get current pictures as soon as possible. Let me know if you have any questions. As a bonus I have a headlight with repair kit, and a grill. It has aftermarket wheels on it but I will still include the original Reatta wheels and two centercaps I have. None of them have any major dents or scratches. Year:___1989____ Coupe: __x__ Conv:____ Mileage:___180,000_______ Considered Correct? (Yes Location:_______________Central, MN___________________ VIN:_______
  2. My 89 Reatta was my first Buick but we always had one somewhere in my family growing up.
  3. I narrowed my throttle problem to the springs but in order to get to them I need to take off the throttle cable bracket. Is there an easy way to do this? I could bend it out of the way but I want to make sure I'm not overlooking something easier. Thanks in advance for the help!
  4. I always knew this car would be the death of me. Fortunately it's 1st close call was unsuccessful. My accelerator started sticking a few weeks ago whenever I would push the pedal more than halfway. It would unstick itself if I gave it a good boot. That is last night until I decided to race a co-worker after work. She didn't like being floor-boarded and I could not get the pedal to unstick. I got some carb-cleaner today and cleaned the air intake but that didn't do the trick either. When I toggle the throttle I can move it but it doesn't spring back like it should. I get E041 from the c
  5. I'm not sure what to call it but the 'nipple' that the top hose connects to on my radiator has all but snapped off. I have about an inch to clamp the hose onto and it leaks coolant. Is there a way to replace just that nipple/side of the radiator or would it be easy to replace the whole thing? 89 coupe Thanks again for any help.
  6. I hate to give you another simple solution but my old T-bird would sometimes lock and you had to push in the key and crank it backwards. I'm sure you've tried it in every direction but I've had it lock on mechanics and they didn't know how to do it exactly right.
  7. I replaced mine with the fabric store stuff and some spray on 3m adhesive from an auto parts store. It looks just fine and it was surprisingly easy to do. I didn't even need a second pair of hands.
  8. Wow and the front end swap is not mentioned anywhere in the description. I wonder if some dumb chump is going to buy this and think that's what Reattas are supposed to look like.
  9. Awesome, thanks for all of the help! I knew it was something stupid and obvious.
  10. It's not for my brights, those work fine. That is an excellent tutorial but all I did was replace the entire column. Here are some pics ^You can see the run of the wire. It's the thick black one that goes down into the center of the dash. It seems like that is where it wants to sit according to how the wire is arched.
  11. I am not sure. I cannot find a place for it on the steering column. It was hanging independently when I took the old one out but all of the other wires were disconnected as well. I will post a picture ASAP.
  12. I'm in the process of replacing the steering column in my 89. Unfortunately I was not the one to take apart my dash in order to do so which means I didn't disconnect the parts. I figured out all of them except one wire that doesn't seem to go with the main wire cluster. I wish I would have gotten a picture but I will describe it best I can. It's a thick grey wire that comes from the right of the steering column and arcs past it and seems to run parallel to it on the left side. It goes a bit further than where the main cluster of wires plugs in. About 3 inches from the end of the wire is a
  13. Just today my 89 would not shut off. Turning the key I could feel a click where off could be but between off and running there was no resistance. I had to disconnect the battery to shut it off (I'm not sure how glad I am that it worked). Anyway I'm wondering if I have the same problem and how easy it is to fix?
  14. Just a week or two ago I searched online for a calendar or catalog with a Reatta and a model posing. I suppose this is the best I'll get. Haha
  15. I have an amp and subs to put in the trunk and I cannot find an easy way to get a power cable from the hood into the cab. What do you folks think is the easiest place to do it? Thanks
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