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  1. My 63 Riviera got totaled. I had gathered the parts to trade out the dynaflow for a super turbine 400. I have a 64 model super turbine 400 (not switch pitch) with torque converter. A 1964 flexplate A Russ Martin bushing for the 63 and earlier crankshaft. The kickdown switch and bracket. The 1964 shifter with the PRNDL pattern. I would like $275 for the package (plus shipping). OK, $200 plus shipping. I will pallet and drive to El Paso for shipping for an additional $50. Thanks
  2. Uhm, are the brake booster and master cylinder on the left side?
  3. I need one. If you have one I'd like to buy it. Thanks
  4. I knew you would have the answer. It has one male connection, so I'm good to go. It has been sitting for several years so I assume it will need to be gone through. I know what I will be doing this weekend. Thanks
  5. I found a transmission at a local wrecking yard. It has the nailhead bellhousing. The tag on the side says 553 and BN-64-37000. The yard had written 1964 Buick on it. It did not have a torque converter and they gave me one from a turbo 400. Is this a switch pitch? How would I be able to tell. Does any torque converter work if it is a switch pitch? Thanks for your patience. Doug
  6. I spoke to the local transmission rebuilder. He seemed confused about it. Didn't instill alot of confidence in me. For the cost of the rebuild, I think I'd rather have 3 speeds.
  7. Yes I did check out the site along with a few others. My question was whether the turbo 350 would stand up behind the 401. All the threads and information I have read have dealt with some variant of the 400. You can even get some Jeep transmissions that will bolt up to the nailhead.
  8. What about a Chevy turbo 350 behind the nailhead? I have one of those. I also have the P-R-N-D shifter setup that came with a bunch of other parts when I prchased the car. I still need to address the 401 rebuild. It is probably easier than a complete swap to a newer motor. We are competent enough to do the labor and the rebuild. Thanks.
  9. The dynaflow stopped working in the 63. The 401 needs some TLC also. I'm thinking of swapping them both out for a late model fuel injected small 8 or big 6. The car spent most of its life on the east coast and had the requisite rust issues. It will never be a show car, but my son loves it. I would like to make it easier on his wallet to fill up the tank. I have located a ST400 for sale about 650 miles from here, but they won't ship so it would entail a trip which really jacks up the price. Please share your constructive comments with me. Thanks
  10. Might be a good time to change them all to Right Hand Thread.
  11. No one stocks the support. After pulling my drive shaft, I discovered it was the support that I needed. After 2 weeks of promises by a local firm that said they could come up with something that would work, I'm back to sending the support off to be rebuilt.
  12. Will a 1964 carrier bearing fit with a little modification? I can't wait 4 weeks for a rebuilt support. Thanks
  13. Yes, 63. Sorry. I'll check at NAPA. Thanks.
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