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  1. This reatta is sold, $1500.00 ,sold in local area , Don't put a lot of money in these cars,guys ,they have little value.
  2. AFTER SEVEN YEARSint it's time to let go , I have a white coupe with maroon leather in great running condition , good paint good leather ,new tires factory sun roof. I will be 80 in a few months it's time to let some of the toys go. 145'000 miles call Earl at 410/742/4395 I am in Salisbury Md. $1800.00 .Lets talk.
  3. Front carpet wet pass side could be heater core.
  4. Hello all, some help please, where is the heater core inlet and outlet located on the firewall ,88 reatta.. As always thanks for your help. Earl.
  5. Hello again , my 1988 reatta is using antifreeze ,not a lot but enough to be concerned about ,I notice lot of smoke from the exhaust when I start it in the am. I'm thinking head gasket, anybody recently Had head gaskets replaced ? What should I expect to pay. Thanks in advance Earl Filippelli
  6. Hello again, Help please, heater ac blower motor runs all the time even with the ignition off,I changed the small relay beside the motor it made no difference. Thanks in advance for Your help
  7. Thanks everyone found one at auto zone it did the trick
  8. Hello All, I need help again out of the blue today my heater / ac fan motor came on and i cant turn it off ,my heater ciontrol is set to off it even runs with the ignition off. Again thanks to all for your help. Earl.
  9. Hello and thanks for the help.I pushed the cruise diaphragm a few times ,drove the car for two days the message never came back. Go figure. Thanks,Earl.
  10. Hello All. Drove my car today after a 3week set up.the car runs great but after 3years I get message cruise disengaged , but the cruise works fine. Any ideas? Thanks in advance , Earl.
  11. Thanks, Where is the o2sensor on the engine?.
  12. Thanks for your help,I will get to it as soon as possible,will let you know.
  13. No I have not checked for codes.How is that done.