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  1. Unless you can find a convertible at the wreckers, I believe you're out luck. There is currently no aftermarket rubber. I've had good repair results with polyurethane. 3M Marine Sealant Adhesive works great too.
  2. Nothing today. However, I have a pair of cheapo 4 X 10 speakers that I plan to install this weekend in the convertible. The originals sound blown.
  3. Convertibles and coupes share the same windshield.
  4. I remember the good old days when I would upgrade the fan from four to seven blades, and all the cooling issues were resolved. There is definately something wrong when my Reatta gauge starts to climb from 12 to 2 o'clock when I come to a traffic light. Is there an aftermarket fan for the Reatta that would draw more air? Or is there a way to wire the existing fan to stay on all the time? And if the Reatta likes to run hot, maybe it's time to toss out the thermostat for summer driving, as I installed a cooler 180 thermostat, and it made no difference.
  5. I'm finding that the quotes via rail are much lower than by truck. Some quotes would not reveal the fuel surcharge. Buyer beware.
  6. I need to transport (by truck) the vehicle from the northwest to the east. No, it's not a Select 60, so I trying to keep the cost down. Any recommendations?
  7. I tried two way tape, silicone and goop, with no luck, especially in the middle section. A few weeks ago I purchased a tube of 3M Marine Polyurethane. It comes in white or black, and takes one week to dry. From the results I'm seeing, the bond is solid, and I'm highly recommending it. I used masking tape to keep a thin bead. If you have a tan top, you can cover the 3M with an almond silicone.
  8. The cheapest test would be to add a Wynn's oil additive for lifters to see if the noise changes or goes away.
  9. With the stethescope I was able to narrow the buzzing sound to the power steering high pressure hose that runs down the passenger side firewall to the steering rack. This explains why you can only hear the buzzing inside the car. I swapped out the power steering pump, but the noise did not go away. Is there a pressure valve, or something else in the steering rack that could be defective? How do you replace the steering rack?
  10. My definition of original would be the configuration of the car as it left the factory. Any dealer modifications that were suggested or approved by the manufacturerer should not not impact it's original status. I'm sure there are other definitions, as this is a grey area.
  11. Thanks for the info. Is it an easy access location? Where is it specifically, and what is the process to swap out the switch?
  12. Now that we are on the parking brake subject, is a dash light supposed to come on when the parking break is engaged? If so, how do you replace the micro switch, and what is the P/N?
  13. I've read reports that there are more Buicks sold in China than in the US by a ratio of 2:1. GM is a big status symbol in Asia.
  14. Don't give up on the car and $300 plates. Give it to a good mechanic who should troubleshoot the flaws quickly. It could as simple as swapping out the relays. Electrical parts are readily available.
  15. Maybe they have a copy of the 1992 marketing literature that may have been prematurely released by GM. Rumour has it a superchaged engine was in the works.
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