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  1. Buick in rose pink and Dynaflo Drive in blue
  2. I still have 1 sign left
  3. Down to one sign, The signs come in 120VAC. I could get it to you in Western Australia, the price would be appx 240USD shipping. Brian, I have not heard form you Oil rig buddy yet.. I still have interst in this sign, Im debating on making another batch. What do you think? Jesse
  4. I have filled all orders so far and I have 2 signs left as of today. Im working on antohter Buick project for Brian, let me know if there is anything else you would like to see in Neon. Thanks Jesse
  5. This is a beautiful double lettering Studebaker neon window sign. This sign can be hung in a window, set on a flat surface, or hung on a wall with ease. It is a all neon reproduction and it is new in the box with a warranty as long as you own it. We pride our self’s in our high quality reproduction neon’s. No corners cut on this beauty. $199 shipped Pay-pal please add a $7 fee. E-mail me through he form or direct at Cabin28@gmail.com if you would like one. Thanks for looking
  6. I am Attaching some better pictures of the Packard sign.
  7. Hello, I would like to introduce myself, My name is Jesse Wolf and I own a neon sign company in Vancouver Wa. I specialize in reproducing neon signs for people that love the look of an old sign but not the price. I have recently made a Packard sign for a local customer and he was so pleased with the outcome that I decided to make a few more. Allot of time and hard work went in to this lovely sign. It is constructed of all neon and mounted on a solid steel bar frame that has mounting brackets on the back so it is easy to hang. It comes with a full warranty form any defects as long as you own it. Im asking a fair $199 shipped and insured to anywhere in the United states. Let me know if you have any questions, I only have a few on hand. Jesse
  8. Hello guys, As creator of this lovely Buick sign I want to assure you that allot of time and effort went into making this piece. I worked with Brian and tried to get the dimensions as close to original as I could. From the feedback I have gotten so far I hit it right on the head. Be assured that these signs carry a full warranty form defects as long as you own them. I’m currently re-making a Buick V-8 Neon for another customer and it will be complete this week, I will only have the one but I can post pictures if any one is interested in ordering more. As far as the Dynaflow signs, well they have been a huge hit from this form so I have about 4 left as of this morning on hand and ready to ship. Glad everybody likes the sign and it makes me feel good to hear all the nice comments. Jesse
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