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  1. Hey guys, I will be there from Santa Rosa, Ca. It is about 90 miles west of Sacto. Our dog Spotty will stay home as well.
  2. If the other guy backs out, please email me at Thanks!
  3. Hey Guys' These tires have the raised whitewalls just like the originals. I didn't measure a thing. I told the people at DB what they were for and they sent the tires, that is it. they look unbelievably good.
  4. Hey Patrick; I don't remember the exact number, but it was around $900.00 for the four tires and shipping to my home in northern California. I think that is about $300.00 more than ordinary tires, but once you see them, I think you would agree it is money well spent. It is not as if these cars are necessities, they are about the looks. These tires were chosen by the designers because they really pop. You may be able to tell that I am really pleased. Jeff
  5. Hey Gerry; I have to confess i'm not sufficiently computer literate to send a picture. These are radials, so they are not exactly like the tires originally installed on the car. However, if you want to know what they look like, just find some of the sales literature for '65 through'69 Riviera GS, and you will see the whitewall style. Diamond Back offered two brands, one from the US, and one Korean brand. I chose the more expensive US brand. I think it was a Hoosier tire. The size DB recommended was 225/75-R15, so I went along. The tire has no markings or load ratings of any kind on the outside of the tire, only the exact match of the whitewall originally installed on the car. They look fantastic, and drive like good quality radials. Jeff
  6. Hey Gerry, I bought a set of correct looking triple whitewalls for my '65 Riv, GS from DB and am completely satisfied. They were kind of expensive, but the arrived on time, in good shape and look great. I only had to tell them what I was putting them on and they did the rest. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Jeff
  7. Remember, there had to be two people with plenty of dough, this was an auction. And either way, I am not aware of any public sale of a 65 GS where the price went above $45,000. The 63 LeSabre is White with red buckets and Dynaflow. I bought it in 1970 for $550.00 at the tender age of 17. I have owned it ever since. Jeff
  8. Did anyone see the auction results on page 130 in the December 2008 Automoblile magazine? A black on black 1965 Gran Sport sold at $72,600.00. Is anyone familiar with this car? Was it Elvis' car, or all we all rich now? I'd be fascinated to hear anything anyone knows...
  9. Hey Gerry, The 65 Gran Sports did have 2 1/4 inch all the way from the headers through the tail pipes. The parts are available from Waldron Antique exhaust. They advertise in the Review
  10. Hey Jim, I thought I would aim high and see what happened. If need be, I might try your tip next. I was surprised that Steele rubber did not make these, it seems like a good fit for them. thanks, Jeff
  11. Hey John thanks a lot for the tip. I was just about to go out and see if I could Make use of some old tires that I should have thrown away. I like the Waldron idea the best. They are a great company, and I will check with them on Monday. Thanks again!
  12. Hey fellers - Does anybody know where I can find NOS replacement hangers for the transverse muffler on a 65 GS? Thanks for any help!
  13. Hey fellers - would anyone know what the dimensions would be for a correct tranverse muffler for a 65 Riviera Gran Sport? I just bought a muffler from Waldron's Antique Exhaust, and it has smaller openings than the one that is on the car now. Are they selling a generic Riviera muffler? Any ideas?
  14. Thanks everyone - I've emailed ROA and am waiting to see what they can send me. I have a bypass hose installed temporarily.
  15. Does anyone have some kind of visual aide (picture, etc) that would help me change the heater core on a 65 dual quad with A/C?