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  1. Drake

    PCV grommets

    Recian: Sorry, no luck on the valve cover grommet. The parts guy should be able to find it for you. If not, try GM Parts Direct on-line. Did find a few other part numbers for you and other Members: GM intake manifold gasket kit complete--12329240-- $45.71 It also incudes all of the gaskets & o-rings for the throttle body assembly and EGR. NAPA ( FEL-PRO ) valve cover gaskets--VS 50080 R-- $11.49 NAPA ( FEL-PRO ) valve cover bolt grommet set--ES 72833-- $8.49
  2. Drake

    PCV grommets

    Here's the part numbers: 01381487 grommet $8.46 ( round flat washer type - bottom ) 25536368 grommet $4.46 ( small rubber hose type - top ) 25098058 PVC valve $11.42 ( AC DELCO ) These are GM part numbers from the spares I purchased ( Nov. 2008 ). Hope this helps.
  3. Drake

    PCV grommets

    I'm pretty sure I've got the part numbers at home. I don't get off till midnight. I'll check when I get home & post later.
  4. Drake


    Check out Reatta Resources by Rawja. It's just up from your Thread.
  5. From the information you provided, I'd change out the oil pressure switch. No oil pressure, no start. Mounted on top of the oil filter housing directly below the power steering pump. Missed the second post for NO SPARK. A bad oil pressure switch would shut off the fuel. Ronnie gave the correct posibility.
  6. I believe it is the same for the 1989. The GM part # is 01264464 (SWITCH INTERRUPTOR). Purchased mine 01/20/2009.
  7. Sold my 1989 White / Blue. I have approx: $2,000.00 worth of new & nos parts. Example: IAC, MAF, TPS, CRANK SENSOR, CAM SENSOR, ICM, COIL PACK, & ON AND ON ( way too much to list ). All are new GM parts, and I have a few nos items ( both front turn signal/parking light assemblies with wire harnesses & bulbs, & headlight switch ). I also have receipts for these items. I'm looking to make someone a great deal on all of them. I don't want to sell one at a time, and play around with shipping. If interested, and live in the Chicago area, send me an e-mail with your telephone number
  8. Thanks Ronnie, very interesting article.
  9. Hey Nic, I had my converter replaced two years ago, at a local muffler shop. They used a universal converter. $225.00 total cost with a two year warranty. No problems, and car running fine.
  10. Dave, glad you got through. I've istalled both new inverters in my 89, and the console & pod backlighting have worked as new. I purchased two for spares at the time, which I still have. When I posted last April, there seemed little interest in future purchases. At the cost of these inverters, anyone with an 88 or 89 should be considering the purchase.
  11. Kevin, just read your Thread. I replaced my front and rear calipers with Wagner Thermo Quiet. Very pleased with their rebuild. All I did was paint them with black caliper paint prior to installing.
  12. nic, Good News: I've got four brand new front caliper anti rattle clips with your name on them. PM me with your address, and I'll send them off to you. I won't make it to the Post Office till Friday.
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