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  1. I am on a quest to locate my grandfathers 1932 Marmon, just to preserve a bit of family history and satisfy our curiosity as to where it might be. My grandfather was Norman F. Beck from Anderson, IN. He was involved in the Antique Car Club from 1960 to 1980-ish. Here's what I know about the car: It was a 1932 16 cylinder Marmon Victoria Coupe, black and originally owned by the Eli Lily family. My grandfather bought it in the thirties and sold it just before his death in 1982. The gentleman who bought it was a doctor from Saint Louis who owned several other Marmons. The family story is that the doctor's wife did not know of his Marmon habbit; he had them stored in a warehouse. He paid cash. The doctor arrived with a mechanic and a semi to haul the car and all the parts and tooling my grandfather had made for the car. My grandfather was a tool and die maker. I am new to this process of "posting" etc. but willing to learn. I would love to hear from anyone who knew my grandfather, or knows has any memory or history of his last Marmon, he owned several in his life time, along with many others. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.