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  1. I have my own dragon story. A few years ago my wife and I took a day trip in our Taurus. We were on a winding road near the NC/TN line. I noticed we had a bunch of impatient motorcyclists behind us. Only later did I learn about the road I was driving on and how I was ruining someone's day. The Blue Ridge Parkway/Skyline Drive is the most scenic. A local road I enjoy that is fun and scenic is Rt 176, between Tryon and Saluda, NC.
  2. I did not renew. It is an excellent source for cars, parts and related tems. However it is not a hotbed of Volvo activity. However I now subscribe to two of thier magazines, Classic Car and Sports & Exotic. Hemmings produces the best car magazines in the business. They are very well written. They feature cars not normally featured elsewhere. If you haven't taken a look, do so.
  3. I opened a flickr account. It features primarily RWD Volvos. I have also included some Ford photos too. A lot of them are cars owned by family members. The others belong to friends or were seen at shows. If it sounds interesting, take a look @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/blue65pv544/
  4. Charlotte was my first AACA show. Despite the weather I enjoyed it. I enjoyed speaking with the many people who looked at my Volvo. I entered with no expectation of winning. I just wanted to show my car which is one that is rarely seen outside of the vintage Volvo world. Imagine my surprise this afternoon when I received a letter stating I had won a Third Junior trophy! My check will be in the mail tomorrow for the shipping of the trophy. How do I get a copy of the judging results? I am very curious to see how my car did. Thanks and I will be back.
  5. If you are the owner of the black 1939 Lincoln Zephyr that was at the Charlotte, NC AACA meet yesterday, I admired your car for quite awhile in the rain. It is beautiful car. I have spent most of my life admiring flathead era Ford and Mercurys and have had very little exposure to the Lincolns of that era. It is one of the most beautiful designs I have seen.
  6. Despite the rain I enjoyed my first show. I talked to a lot of people who came over and looked at my Volvo. I do have a post meet question or two. Someone told me I could write to AACA and get a copy of my judging results. Where do I find the information? Second, I believe I may not have chosen the most fitting class. I chose 27f, 1964/65 production cars. Perhaps it would be more fitting in 25c, sports vehicles, closed, 1961-9 or Driver Participation Class. I noticed that a lot of cars came in trailers which I have no problem with. However my car will always been driven. Any input before my next meet? Thanks!
  7. I registered my car for the meet. I received my tickets and a map this week. It will be off turn 2. The map shows it between the red field and Morehead Road. The information states the the interior roads are paved but the field is grass. It recommends taking US 49 to Morehead Road. I believe that it is outside the track to allow for a bigger show. They filled the frontstretch grass with additional car clubs. My only concern is that people may not know it is out there. With all the activity on Saturday I would start out early.
  8. There is a little bit of everything. Despite being in Charlotte, it's not full of race car items. I have never shopped for 1930's items. It is a sight to see. The whole track surface is full of cars for sale. The infield is full of vendors. My Volvo will be in the AACA show on Saturday.
  9. True, Carfax does not catch all the accidents. My wifes Taurus had been rearended but when I ran the VIN it did not show. It does tell you where the car has been. On everyone I checked, it told me every time it was titled and where. It also told if it was a private party, lease or rental. I would not use it to confirm a car's condition but to confirm it's history.
  10. Welcome from another new member. If you like four sedans, it will be cheaper. It appears that even the nicest four door sedans are worth half what the 2 doors are worth. I had a nice, original 1967 Ford Galaxie 4 door sedan. When I sold it I had very little interest in it. It was a great car but the extra two doors hurt. Maybe someday 4 doors will catch on like station wagons did but till then, take advantage of it!
  11. Hello. I am a new member and I entered my car in my first AACA show, April 5 @ the Auto Fair in Charlotte, NC. I don't know what what to expect. While it is a nice looking, original car, my Volvo is not a contender for a trophy. I imagine that the class I am in will be a popular one, 27F. I entered it for fun. I expect that I will have the only PV Volvo. Few people not familar with old Volvos even know what it is. Are there classes in a class? Or are driven cars up againest perfect, trailered cars? Mine is not used as a daily driver but might be considered that in it's appearance. When I signed up I said yes to having it judged but if I have no expectations of winning anything should I have said no? Thanks for you patience as it is my first time.
  12. Hello. This really does not apply to antique cars. However I imagine most buy newer cars for daily driving. We just did. We were shopping for a 2-4 year old Ford Escape with under 50K. We only shopped at Ford dealers. We have always thought we could trust these more than "Joe's Used Cars" where all the cars are dealer trade in cast offs. We found one we liked. The salesman said it was bought there new and traded back in just a week and a half ago. He also said that the Car Fax was clean. To make a long story short, I signed up for 30 days of Car Fax for $30 and ran the VIN #. It was first sold to a rental car company, had been through two auctions and four states. The dealer had owned in for nearly five months. Needless to say we did not buy it. We found another one at a Ford dealership two towns over. I ran the VIN before we ever went there and it came back perfect. It was bought new and traded in there. It showed that it received all of it's warranty check ups and oil changes at that dealership. Moral of the story? Invest in Car Fax before signing on the dotted line!
  13. Hi. I did post a similar post on General discussions a week ago. However there wasn't a Swedish forum then. I am a new member. My daily driver is a 240 wagon. My toy is a 1965 PV544. It is a twin to the PV my father bought new in 1965. He no longer owns it but we did find it and it is well cared for. My father now owns a 1958 PV444. Mine will be at the meet at the Auto Fair in Charlotte, NC in April. Are there any other PV owners out there?
  14. I forgot to mention that my daily driver is a 1988 240 wagon. It has 280,000 miles. It has the original paint and engine. I did replace the the M47 5 speed transmission 2 years ago. It is driven 500 miles a week. It's hard to believe that it will too, be an antique in only 5 years!
  15. Hello All! I am a new member. I just joined a week ago. I live in western NC. I own a 1965 Volvo PV544. That is the one that looks a 1946-48 Ford 2 door sedan. It is a nice, stock, ex California car. I have already registered it for the meet in April at the Auto Fair in Charlotte, NC. I joined because Volvo related shows in the southeast are few and far in between. Most of the other car shows and clubs seem to be geared towards modified cars. While I enjoy those too, my car really doesn't fit in there. I prefer stock/original cars of all makes. Are there any other vintage Volvo owners in the club?
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