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  1. Thanks anyway, you never know what you might have till you ask.
  2. Bulb is too melted to tell, but i know that it has been in an old shop building for 30 yrs
  3. Here's the other pic that didn't show up.......
  4. Stupid me, i've been airing my tires down on snow for years in my Jeep Wrangler ! THATS GREAT ! now i can sue someone if i have a blowout!!!!! lol
  5. <span style="font-family: 'Georgia'"> </span> I have this really old horn, and i have no idea what it goes to, somewhere there is a car that needs this, thanks for looking. p.s. it still works (when you blow through it), can't believe the reeds are still good !!
  6. i have a really old horn, I have pictures of said horn.......just don't know how to add them to my post..........anyone?
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