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  1. Bob, Here's the deal. It's a huge investment to have the mold made for the gaskets and o-rings. It's over $10,000 dollors to have the mold made. He needs to see how many people will buy gaskets so he will know whether he is going to have enough orders to offset the investment. The same thing happend to Rick in florida when he had the valves made for the cylinder heads. There was a huge cost upfront, and thats why he wanted to know how many people would be interested in the gaskets for that price. I hope i answered your question. Pat
  2. Folks, Chris@TurbosUnleashed has already done the research and is ready to pull the trigger on having them reproduced. These will be made of the higher quality silicon like the originals, not cheap rubber. It will take a considerable investment on his part to get these made so his major concern is will there be enough demand for them. I know I am in for at least 2 (always good to have a spare). How many others would be interested? From my understanding the price will be somewhere around $150. each or 2 for $250. Who is in? Pat
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