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  1. 1928 series 114, the smaller Buicks of that year. Also fit 1926/27 Standard six cars.
  2. I ran into this when doing the wheels for my dad’s roadster. I found enough pieces to put together a set and have some leftovers but they are in rough shape. But they are #5 which are used on the larger series cars. That is your problem. Buffalo wheels are very rare on the series 114, formerly known as Standard six cars, because people with money to spring for sexy wheels and other goodies usually bought the bigger cars. I would like to help you with this. I don’t think any of my leftovers will help but I would have to make measurements to be sure. Possibly the larger parts could be turned down to fit. Alternatively, yours could be built up by silver brazing and then turned back to size and re threaded. I did this on a couple of ours. Turning left hand threads on the lathe is a mind bender for a machinist. You can reach me at 530 863 seven five seven nine. Happy new year.
  3. Remove the area crossed out and the seal will press into the retainer. Also use some RTV to seal the area on the other side as indicated.
  4. Here is the seal that I use. It requires some modifications to the housing. Very effective.
  5. Go with the filter from Bob’s. It is a nice unit. Works great and filters are available. Have one on mine.
  6. Should be 114” wheelbase.
  7. Lester just cam ground some pistons for the 1935 Buick for me. Great guy to do business with.
  8. I have to change my name as a poster here. My father Roger passed away two months ago.
  9. CB 90P is the Clevite number. Any good parts house should be able to cross it. I found International Harvester V8 bearings work for the 1935 90 series I converted to inserts.
  10. There are far more than seven existing, but still a desirable machine. The doctor thing is bogus.
  11. I put mine on a lift without problems. That Master roadster has a robust frame.
  12. This is a common problem on Buicks with the Marvel intake heat system. The only way to properly repair it is to remove the sleeves and replace them. We have done a bunch of these. New sleeves used to be available but now I turn out custom ones for every job, as there are variations in the size of the jacket castings. Don’t try to press or hammer the old ones out. I slit them and carefully peel them inward to reduce the diameter. Then they can be safely removed. Repair with epoxy has been done but only if the exhaust has been blocked off from the jacket which should be done anyway since it is not necessary with modern gas, especially here in California.
  13. They need to be there. I have spares. Email me at bcanumber99@yahoo.com Erik
  14. The pictures do not do justice to this car. It was a privilege to work on and drive it. The 1928 models were unique in many ways. First year of conventional shift pattern. When the SAE was thinking about this they went to Henry Ford who was designing the new model A at that time. Ford told them if they wanted every car to shift the same they would have to go with what the model A was going to be and that was that.
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