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  1. On my build sheet for my 31, it states the date when it left the as'sy line,where it was going to be shipped,( in my case Long Island NY) paint #'s and what came with, ie wire wheels, rumble seat, two spare tires in the fender wells. No owner name.
  2. Me again, Hopefully is attached is the plaque that's on my touring car. Can I go there to get some new body parts? :)
  3. Lenny, I tried to click on "message" but get nothing. As you can see, I have interest in Aussie built Dodges. Are there any other sites that I could look at? Thanks.
  4. Hi All, My two cents, my father & I (I'm 65 now) restored our 31 DH over 48 yrs ago. We used copper and doubled flared the ends. He had a special tool. He always had "special tools".During those 48 yrs. I've redone the brakes a few times mostly to replace the brake fluid that became gooey from lack of use,but never because of leaking lines or connections. (I'm knocking on wood now) I'm sold on copper. Maybe the copper tubing was better back then. As Forrest Gump says, "That's all I have to say about that."
  5. Hi, JACK M, Please ignore " imouttahere" he has a "problem" Who's the dummy?
  6. DarkCherryS10 The Dodge Brother Club is the club to join. As of the last membership roster,there are 52 1935 DB's listed. It's a great club with great people. Joe C.
  7. Hi , My thoughts, cam bearings. here's why. I han my 31 done by a engine rebuilder a number of years back because I had the same problem. He suggested after doing the main and rod bearings that I do the cam bearings also. However, money became a issue so I didn't. The oil pressure improved but still falls off a little after running for a while. I run 40 weight oil now. I start off with 75lbs cold and 15 lbs warm. I was told by the late Dick Perry Sr. not to worry to much about low oil pressure as long as you have some pressure. Knock on wood it's been 10 yrs and still running strong. I hope to be driving it to Gettysburg next year.
  8. Yes You mean you can't read my mind. :) Thanks Dave
  9. Does anyone have a extra crank to sell. The next best thing would be a sketch of same with dimensions. Thanks.
  10. I Looooooovvvvvvveeeeee Chicken !!!!! Sorry Rick
  11. Hi everyone A friend of mine wants to paint his engine. I can't remember who sells it. HELP!!! Thanks, Joe C.
  12. Hi guys, I won't be there after all. The Best Western in Allentown first said I could park my trailer and tow veh. in their lot. when I came back from OR. I called them Mon. to confirm they said no way. they need every spot. I was pissed. I tried other places but no luck, all booked up because of the show. I'm writing a letter to Best Western about the place in Allentown, not that it would do any good. I'm out $26 bucks for pre-registration. Hope you guys have a good time. Joe C.
  13. Hi Guys. WHAT A MEET!!!!!!!! Nice to put a faces with a names. How about the meet organizers!!! Everything ran like clockwork, driver meetings,8:30 BAM, DONE left parking lot, 9:00 BAM, DONE. I got Macungie this Fri.For those who don't know it's in PA, taking the 31, hope the weather is good. Then I start planning for Gettysburg next year. I was thinking of driving the 31 down there but after seeing all the touring cars and how they ran this past week I just might trailer the 23 down and drive it around down there. Decisions, Decisions Joe C.
  14. Gee, I'm sorry I asked the question. (I hope that statment is correct) By the way, why haven't you responded to my question in the other thread about the meet? Did it really happen? I think not! Joe C.
  15. Imouttahere: Again, what meet did you and your family have to wait 2 to 3 hrs before the tour began. If you do not want to say in this forum, please send me a p/m. Thanks, Joe C.
  16. imouttahere, Can I ask what meet it was that you had to wait for the tour to start? Thank, Joe C.
  17. I picked a Copy of the Book Of Information for a 1922 Dodge Brothers car. My question is how much different is the info for my 1923 DB. Thanks, Joe C.
  18. I'll be there. Driving a rental. :( I'll be look to bum a ride in somebody 's touring car. Who wants to kiss up to the Prez?:) Joe C.
  19. HI All, Just testing the system. Didn't mean to hyjack the thread.
  20. I have a Stewart#25 on my 23 touring. It doesn't have that lever at all. The choke is the arm on the bottom with spring. The throttle is on top. Does that lever do anything?