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  1. I just mailed my check in for my wife and myself. Can't wait to sink my teeth into that chicken. MMM. Oh, Hi Rick
  2. Doug, You Bet. I might even drive it down there. That reminds me, I've better send my registation money in. $200. bucks for a week of happiness is a great deal. Joe C.
  3. Doug, you're right, a good or retired would make his own but I'm too lazy. Mc Master-Carr has them close at 7/16 X 9/16 X 1'' for $1.75 each. That might be the way I'd have to go.
  4. Hi all, I have a Model 632 Dist. serial#3978. I want to replace the bushings. Does anyone know where I could buy replacements. I'd rather not make them if I don't have to. The size is .489 ID X .557 OD X 1" long. Thanks for your help. Joe C.
  5. Tony Aus, I guess you and I have been chosen as the bad guys in this person's mind. OH WELL BTW I went on that web site. Looks like those guys and gals have a lot of fun. I could get into that. Are you a member of that club? Joe C.
  6. Doug, It takes two to have a argument. Without a response the argument doesn't happen and goes away. MERRY CRISTMAS TO ALL.
  7. I just like to take this opportunity to wish everybody on this forum A Very Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year Joe Cozza
  8. I think we have a thread going now. While I never met Roy at any of our club functions I heard his name mentioned many times when someone asked "Where can get parts". He will be surely missed. My condolences to Roy's family. Joe Cozza President Dodge Brothers Club
  9. Keiser, don't answer! enough disrespect has been shown on this thread. let him start another
  10. ] Greasesguy, This is not the thread to disply your dislike of the DBC. Her father was one of those people you justed bashed. Start another thread !!...... If you dare!! Joe C.
  11. 04mustang I hope to see your name on our roster the next time it's printed Joe C. Pres. Dodge Brothers Club
  12. a danner Just do enough to make it safe to drive and enjoy it. Join the Dodge Brothers Club and let us enjoy it with you. BTW Who is the man standing next to the car? Those who know me, might think it's me. Joe C.
  13. Donna, I'm also sorry for your loss. I was at Kokomo that year and saw your dad's 16 Touring. If my memory serves me correctly it is a very nice car. It's to bad you can't keep it and have to sell it. Maybe another club member would be interested. Good luck and again I'm sorry for your loss and my prayers are with you. Joe C. Dodge Brothers Club
  14. To: John and Others I attended the viewing yesterday afternoon with another DB'er. It was a very sad time but his son Ken and his family were doing OK. Ken plans to have a get together in the spring with members of DB Club as a tribute to Roger. Maybe a small cruise. He's going to let me know. Joe C.
  15. Hi All I plan to attend the services on Tues. 12/01/09 on behalf on the DBC. Those who want more info, let me know. Joe C.
  16. :oThanks Vern. Gotta start taking pictures. Joe C.
  17. Well guys I did it. I took off the water pump along with the timing gear cover etc. The problem is I didn't pay attention how the impeller came off the shaft. Should the openings on the impeller face toward the front of the car? That's what I think. Thanks Joe C.
  18. Hi When you reach into the hole again, feel up, you'll touch the cam shaft which operates the pump.
  19. According to the book of infomation for a 1923 1 drain oil 2 remove engine shields 3 disconnect oil line to engine 4 remove screws which holds the oil pan to cyl. block and timing cover 5 remove 6 screws which holds the rear of the oil pan to the rear motor support 6 remove 2sq. head shoulder bolts which holds the oil pan to the cyl. block projecting through the bottom of the oil pan near the rear. 7 lower the oil pan This can be faciltated by turning the steering whl. to the right and swinging the rear of the oil pan toward the left side of the car. Install: 1 place oil pan in position. place the oil pan over the tie rod then raise into position.while the pan is being raised into position the oil level rod should be guided into the hole by ANOTHER PERSON reverse procedure to remove pan. This should take 3.5 hrs. Yeah right!!!!
  20. Hi I have a 2003 Dodge Ram with 70,000 miles and my engine light came on about two weeks ago. I took to Advanced Auto Parts. they have a code reader to let you take it out to the parking lot to use. plugs right in a socket under the steering column.Easy to use. Do you have any auto parts stores around you area? They might have one too.
  21. I'm signing off for now.Got to pack for Hershey. Doug and others,see you tomorrow night.
  22. oldodgeboys I know what your talking about. When I stuck my finger in I was hoping nothing was going to bite me
  23. There's plenty of parts for a 35 dodge around. Join the Dodge Brothers Club .There is a lot of members that have 35's Hell, if I could get parts for my 31 I'm sure you could find parts for yours. Good hunting. that's the fun of the hobby:)
  24. Hi all, I asked that same question when I got my 23. I drained the oil where the oil pick up tube is, cleaned the screen and stuck my finger in the hole and scraped as much crud I could out. then I filled the engine with the proper amt. of oil (5to6 qts) and measured the height of the "oil gauge" which is 2 inches.
  25. Hi, My two cents. I don't do anything for winter aside, for anti-freeze, to my cars, I keep a battery tender on the batteries. I also try to start the cars on the weekends and drive them around the block to warm up the tranny and rear end. That's if there no snow on the ground.I'm not saying I don't freeze my butt off but it's still nice to drive the cars. The only time I don't do that is if I'm going to do some serious work on one of them. Last year I got a lot of looks driving my 23 touring in 20 degrees weather with the top down. I could just hear the neighbors, there goes Joe the, nut down the street:) Joe C.