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  1. Honolulu Dick, Thanks for the clarification When I reread you post as Nearchocolatetown suggested,you were referring to yourself and not LarryP. Sorry.Now I got to go and hid under my keyboard. Joe C.
  2. Hi LarryP, Don't let one person turn you sour about this forum. Although this forum is for Dodge& Dodge Brothers, there might be somebody who can help you. Again, this is a open forum so anybody with a keyboard can say anything and then duck underneath it. Joe C. BTW Try the Chrysler site
  3. I guess I've got 3 more years of this, oh well. I was close, only one state off. I figured if you drove to Indiana, you will hear the Dodge Brothers having a great time in Moline, ILLINOIS BTW It's a Coupe Joe C.
  4. Had a great time,but nice to be home to rest. Looking foward to the next one in Moline, IL
  5. Did I ever tell you guys, I LOVE CHICKEN. I'm ready too!
  6. Rusty, I just read the thread you suggested. It was very enlighting, and long, but still interesting. Thanks. Joe C.
  7. Thanks Dave. I use 40wt nd in both of my cars with a can of STP . Been doing it for years. Joe C.
  8. OK, I give up. What is Rotella oil, and where do you buy it? Thanks,Joe C.
  9. Thanks, one and all for your input on my problem. I lied when I said I wouldn't tweak the timing anymore till I could bum a ride at G-burg. I couldn't wait:o There's a nice hill about a mile from my house. It's about a 1 1/2 mile straight climb. So off I go with my cell phone and a big screwdriver. After one more tweak, the second try was great. (I think) Started at the bottom going 45mph finished at the top going 30mph although I couldn't give it any more gas as the petal was to the metal, or in this case wood. I plan on taking it out this afternoon to a car cruise that's about 8 miles away. Not much of a challenge in terms of hills but a nice ride anyway. Thanks again for those who took the time to help me out. Hope to see some of you at G-burg in a couple weeks. Joe C.
  10. Hi All, Just a update. Since the rotor turns CW I started to tweak to timing CCW...made it worse, so I started going CW a little at a time. Each time performance was better. I can now climb the infamous hill near me. I still slow down near the top and I can't accelerate going up the hill. I'm going to hold off any more tweaking until I bum a ride from a "23" owner and see how their car runs. Thanks everyone for your input on my problem. Joe C.
  11. Gundog99, Thanks for your input. Is that your car in the picture and if so do you start with the spark advance up and then move it down after it's running? BTW... I have that same steering wheel. I don't know how anybody could get into the car without the "fat man" steering wheel. Thanks for everybodys input. Joe C.
  12. The thottle and the spark advance are on the right side of the steering whl. Is that where they belong? I'm not sure of anything with this car. The gas pedal is in between the brake and the clutch. Is that how they built them down under? I can't wait for the Gettysburg meet to check out some other 23's and maybe bum a ride to see how they perform. Joe C.
  13. Hi , No, the car has a coil. Whether it's original or not I don't know. The manual is a repro. and not the original with the car,but shows a coil attached to the distributor.Mine is mounted to the firewall. Dumb question...Would a magneto make any difference which the spark advance lever is positioned to start the car?:confused:
  14. Hi All, When starting the car, the spark advance lever is up and after it starts I move it down. The problem is the Book Of Information for a 23 says it should be just the opposite,start with it down move it up after it starts. Now the book says it's written for a left hand drive. Should it be different?:confused: I do have a power problem. Can't climb a small hill in 3rd gear. That's what started me thinking that maybe the timing is messed up. Can anybody with a RH drive of the same year help me out. Thanks, Joe C.
  15. Please insert "nice" between "some" and "country". My mind thinks faster than my two fingers can type. Joe C.
  16. Hi Dave, When I was in Oregon last year for the meet, I arrived early to visit the areas your mini meet covered. I stopped at the WAAAM. We need a benefactor like they have for our museum. :)That's quite a place. I also traveled a historic river road. I don't remember the correct name for that road, but it was nice drive with many waterfalls. You guys have some country out there. See you in G-burg. Joe C.
  17. I'll be there!! Yesterday I took the "31" out to shake off the dust. RT about 10mi. Weather permiting I'll run up to Mass. for a cup of coffee There's this coffee shop with this cute, oops,anyway it will be about a 75mi. trip. Then I'll be ready to roll into Gettysburg. Maybe by 2011 I'll have the guts to take the "23" to Moline IL. Hope to see everybody again.
  18. It also helps to keep this old joints loose. Joe C.
  19. Dodge Club Members, Same offer as before, I'll deliver any parts you buy from F&J to the Gettysburg meet. Of course N/C. Joe C.
  20. Hi Dave, I have the same problem. As long as I stay online,it remembers me. I have the lastest IE. Once I go offline I then have to sign back in. I'm not sure what the problem is but a few weeks ago I tried Firefox as a browser and didn't have a problem with the forum remembering me.I just didn't like Firefox so I didn't keep it. I don't sign in unless I want to add my two cents like now:) Joe C.
  21. To any DBC members, the above is for sale on e-bay for pick up only in CT. If you're interested in buying it I will pick it up for you and transport to Gettysburg. (If you're going) No charge. What's another few hundred lbs. Give me a call or send me a e/m. Thanks, Joe C.
  22. Hi Sarah, You can go online at ,there are two ways to join. One you can fill out the online form and pay by paypal, or you can download the application and mail a check. (paypal is easier) Hope that helps, Joe C.
  23. 1930 DD, Welcome! Nice to have you onboard. Have you thought about joining the Dodge Brothers Club? Our lastest membership rooster shows that there are 11 club members from New Zealand. They might be able to help you in you restoration. Good luck. and again, nice to have you onboard. Joe C.
  24. Phil, Not to mess up this thead, but I have the same problem. I sign in and everything is fine. I could get off the forum and do other things online then go back and I'm still signed in, but if I get off the internet and then try to go back to the forum I have to sign back in. Joe C.