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  2. Welcome and congrads. on your new car. I have a 23 touring and I also live in CT I would suggest you join the Dodge Brothers Club. Our tech advisors are great.Many post answers on this Forum. We also have a National meet every year. In 2012 it's in Southbury CT. If you want to talk send me a PM and I'll send you my Phone #
  3. Ya I'm retired allright. While I was at G'burg last year, my old boss called and asked to me to stop in when I get back home. I've be working 47 1/2 hrs per week ever since. Ya I'm retired allright. Joe C.
  4. Hi All, It was brought to my attention that on our web site there is a typo on the registration form for the meet. The registration fees for 16yrs and older is $175.00 and after May 20th the fee is $200.00 (not $100.00 as stated on the form) Our Web Master has been notified to correct the typo, but in the meantime this will give those interested in going to the meet the correct info. Are you going!!! Joe C. Dodge Brothers Club
  5. I'm sorry, but Les is wrong. Not only do you not get a new roster, but you forfeit your cars to the club. I'll be sending a truck to Oregon to pick them up. Keep a eye out for it. The driver is a big big trucker and goes by the name of "Bruiser". Have the keys ready.:) Have a good day Joe C.
  6. And right back to you, Keiser31 And also to all of you on this forum. I hope you all have a good New Year and I hope to see some of you at " The Great River Road Tour" in Moline ILL. in June 2011. Joe C.
  7. Welcome to the forum. Joining the club will be very helpful. The club has a tech advisior for your car. Also in 2012 the Dodge Brothers Club Meet will be in CT in June. That right up the street from NC. Joe C. President
  8. Jason, Before you start making comments about what goes on at our board meetings you might want to attend at least one of our meetings. They are open to all club members. We do not have a member named Barry Cogin. If you read the Minutes correctly, you will see That Barry COGAN was talking about our proposed museum NOT the storage of our historical documents! I take offense at your comment that I/we don't have a"firm grasp" on the literature. We have talked about this subject during many board meetings. OH I forgot, you haven't been to a Membership meeting or a DBC meet, so you wouldn't know. I have talked to the librarian Chris Ritter many times about this arrangement to make sure the club was doing the best thing. I wasted enough time explaining this to you, again!! Joe C.
  9. Great Card John !!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year To all the Dodge Brothers Club members & their families. Joe C.
  10. Thanks Doug....I almost forgot that I misspoke at Gettyburg.
  11. Thanks Doug for help in explaining the Board's decision. Good to see you back on line. Also, thank you Steve for corroborating what I said in my message to Jason. BTW. Jason the nation meet will be in CT 2012. Love to see you here. It's only a short plane ride away.
  12. Welcome to the forum. That a fine looking "16" It looks like you have a lot of fun with it. This forum will help you when you have problems, like the overheating. OK Guys, help him out!
  13. Hi all, I just spent a 1/2 hour typing up the correct information about this move but could not attach it to this post. If anybody is interested sent a PM with your e/m. Thanks, Joe C.
  14. The material that John B. had in his home. was moved to the AACA library for safe keeping. It was NOT, I repeat, NOT donated to the library. John had a concern that in the unlikly case of a fire in his home all the documents will be lost. The club already substained a lost when the location where the club stuff was stored burned down. Yes, we had insurance, so we were able to replace everything however the material the was at John's home can not be replaced. The material can be accessed by the staff for the use of AACA members. None of the material in the library can leave the building. I'm not sure the fees charged by the AACA, But that info can be had on their web site. We pay a fee for the space we use in their secure and fireproof room. We can remove the material at any time for any reason. It was a good decision by the board.
  15. Hi All, Just got of the phone with Doug and he said he will be cutting back on the amt. of meals for our annual membership meeting because of lack of advanced sales. That means that those of you that waited to the end might not be enjoying the meal with the rest of us Friday night. I would suggest you call Doug ASAP and try to get a ticket. If you need his Phone # send me a PM and I'll give it to you. Thanks, Joe C.
  16. Doug, All I know is I better get a big piece of [b]chicken since I was the second person to buy a ticket. I have to make up for last year when I wasn't feeling well. Come on guys, Doug needs a count!!! Joe C.
  17. Hi All, As Dodge Brothers Club President I was notified by Steve that he was asked to close the thread. There are reasons that can not be made public at this time and issues to be resolved. I would like to thank those who brought attention to this problem as it is a very serious one. For fear of jeopardizing the on going discussions, it would be in the best interest of this forum to let this tube problem be discussed via PM's or e/m's. Thanks for your understanding. BTW I didn't forget the club members that do not follow the AACA forum. In the next issue of the DBC News this tube problem will be adressed. Joe C.
  18. My 23 had low power when climing small hills. I have a inline filter but that wasn't the problem. My timing was off. I took the car out to the hill in question along with a screwdriver and turned the rotor a bit after each attempt. That solved my loss of power problem. Joe C.
  19. Doug, What's the web site for that info? Thanks, Joe C.
  20. Just a quick note. I was cleaning out my garage today and getting my 31 ready for a show tomorrow and I came across the four tires and tubes I took off about 8 yrs ago to be replaced with whitewalls and new tubes. Guess what, Those tubes were made in the good old U S of A. That was a pleasant surprise. They were only on the car for 4yrs. With all that's going on with tubes these days I think I'll hold on to them and sell the tires tomorrow. Joe C.
  21. It will be interesting to see if any of the vendors contact any of the customers that might have received the defective tubes. Customers, Let this forum know. Thanks, Joe C.
  22. Dear Mr.Moskowitz, Thank you for your concern about the Dodge Brothers Club. I would never subject the Dodge Brothers Club to any type of legal action. I do believe however, our club members need to be informed that there are products out there that are potentially harmful to them and/or their families. Some of our members do not follow the AACA forum and only recieve information from the Dodge Brothers Club News, therefore I think it's necessary to keep them informed. I will choose my words carefully. Thank You, Joe Cozza, President Dodge Brothers Club
  23. Hi Joe, Please send a PM listing the vendors names. If the AACA won't let you name names my next Presidents message will. These vendors might be on our perferred vendors list. Yes, AACA, we kept a list of perferred vendors and when we get complaints from a number of our members that vendor is taken off the list and told why. Thanks again Joe, for bringing this problem to those of us that value our lives more than our pocketbook.:mad: Joe C.
  24. Phil: Congraulations!!!! Nice pic. of your 32DL Maybe we should have both our cars on the ferry for a photo op. BTW I'll be giving everybody on our committee a call after I get back from Macungie next weekend.
  25. Nearchocolatetown, It's in Indiana, no Illinois Gee I hope I drive to the right state next year. idrjoe, Thanks for the nice pictures. I liked the ones close up. You could see the notes on the body. Also,thanks for the plug about the Dodge Brothers Club. Your right, we do have a great bunch of guys and girls. At every meet I learn more and more about my cars and geography:) Joe C.