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  1. Hi Rsc Where in CT do you live? I have a 31 Coupe. Send me a private message with your phone # and we'll talk. Thanks, Joe C.
  2. Phil, You forgot to mention the Autumn Nor'easter that dropped 12" of wet snow that cut the power for of over 800,000 people in Ct for up to two weeks. Joe C.
  3. Jason, Thankfully I have one on my 23 so I could go all out:) Happy thanksgiving to all!!!
  4. I didn't think I owned you. I could have sold all the info you provided all these years.
  5. Joe, Don't give up hope. That address in the roster is a business address. I'm tracking him down thru the State of NY State Records. It's nice to have a family member who works for a lawyer. Joe C.
  6. Joe, Please send me,via e/m, Bob's address and phone #. I can't find it in the DB roster I live near by. I'll see what I could do. Thanks, Joe C.
  7. Doug, Very well said. Thank You. Joe C.
  8. Jason, Look in your Dodge Brothers News Vol.27 No 2 Feb/Mar. 2009 Pg 15-19 You will find our Bylaws with the latest amendments. That's what the Dodge Brothers Club is all about. Oh, by the way, I think the next national meet might fall in your 1000 mile range. Joe C. P.S. If you don't have that issue, I'll be happy to drop off a copy of the Bylaws for you since I'll be in your area next week.
  9. Rick, I'm looking forward to the new DB Club site. As we discussed, the present site needed to be updated and the past Webmaster (Stephen) just didn't have the time. Good luck! Joe C.
  10. I'm visiting family in Tampa area in a couple of weeks and I would like to visit some auto muesums while there. Does anybody know of any within a two hr. drive of Tampa. Thanks
  11. Thanks all for your comments /suggestions. I was going to paint the rims as I'm not a fan of silver paint but Dave W. talked me into the Hammered Silver look. Thanks Again
  12. Were the split rims on the early DB's always painted silver? ( I hate silver:() Thanks, Joe C.
  13. Has anybody heard of "Star Tron"? It claims to have "enzymes" in it. It claims to be better than "Sta-Bil" They have a web site, Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment - HOME The place I bought my lawn trimmer is selling it. They want me to use it as a fuel stabilizer.
  14. Does anybody know who this guy is? Where is he located? etc. He must have a shop. Looks like he does a very thorough job.
  15. That's correct. It will be in Texas. I don't think it will be in June though. I'm guessing April/ May. Joe C.
  16. Thanks Phil for pluging our CT meet. 2013 meet is open due to a medical problem with the member who was going to host it. We are looking for a new host. Any volunteers? It's called a west coast meet but anything west of the Mississippi is game. 2014 will celabrating 100years of the birth of the Dodge Brothers Automobile. It will be in MI. Not sure of the town.
  17. :DI thought this was a auto forum, not a photo forum. I'll be bring my new Nikon to Moline to give it work out. Joe C.
  18. Phil, Want me to carry your bags? Joe
  19. I'll miss the chicken. You on the other hand.......
  20. John, My build card says it was shipped with wire wheels and since we got the car from the original owner there's no reason to doubt it. I was told by a old timer in the club that wire wheels were a option back then because they were stronger and didn't need any maintenance. But who knows. Joe C.
  21. We're sick???? We're not the ones walking around with a rubber chicken!
  22. You guys on the west coast have too much time on your hands. Will I be seeing you guys in Moline in June? Joe C.
  23. Hi ltaylor, Those handles are the same as are on my 31 coupe and are original. I know, as my father was the second owner. I'm working on a way to fix the area where they break. If I don't do it soon I won't be able to get out of my car.
  24. Sorry, She's staying home. She worries about you though.