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  1. Hi MikeC5, Tour is still going on.Today,Tuesday, we traveled 73 miles round trip.A sprinkle of rain at the winery, but other than that a good day.One breakdown, a vacuum leak on a vacuum tank resulted in a 10 minute repair job and off we were. Tomorrow we'll head to the New England Air Museum. RT105 Miles. Should be fun! My temp gauge was right in the middle. Try to get over to the Crowne Plaza in Southbury on Friday. Should have about 50 DB's on display all day for show "n" shine. Joe C.
  2. Great going guys! This the third time this Dodge Brothers Forum got it's hand slapped. When are you ever going to learn? Stick to the thead.Don't editorialize. Joe C.
  3. rayjay This meet is a national meet, not a regional meet or a CT meet. We do not have a region in the east yet. After this meet is over I will start working on starting a region. I won't be president after Oct. so I'll have more time. To take part in all the activities during the week you do not have to be a member it will just cost $25. more. On Fri. the 29th of June all the cars will be at the Crowne Plaza all day for the "Show & Shine" why don't you stop by with your car and look me up. I'll be the fat bald guy pulling out what's left of my hair. When you get to FL join the DBC. At last count there's about 40 members in the state. Maybe you could start region down there. As a point of interest, the registration for the meet has picked up and I'm hearing from some CT members. (Thanks guys) I guess everybody waits for the last few weeks to register, which drives the meet committee crazy.
  4. Jason.. And you want to be President of DBC
  5. Another reminder. Only one week left before registration is closed. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed that not one CT club member have registered as of this post, other than the committee. Cars are coming from all over including Alberta Canada, TX and MI. If we want to start a region we need to be involved.
  6. Paul, Welcome to the forum. Don't know if you joined the Dodge Brothers Club yet, but you should. Our DBC News always has topics of interest to all years. Also I don't know how far away you are from Southbury CT but we are having our annual week long meet there in June 25-29 2012 On the 29th the cars will be parked at our host hotel (The Crowne Plaza in Southbury) for the whole day for the public to view. Come on down and seek me out, Joe C. President DBC
  7. To: 60ch I forgot to mention that you do not have to "log in" to access the web site to get the info you were looking for. Sign in is required to access the "members only" area. Joe C.
  8. Jason that info is about 3 years old Here is the new address. The address for Membership renewals is: Les Hoffmann, Dodge Brothers Club Box 1648 Cambridge OH 43725 Joe C.
  9. For those who weren't as fast as Jason to get the book "From horse to horsepower" By S.A. Cheney which is a Bio of his life, according to the National Library of Australia, you can still get the chapter of the book that deals with his involvement with the Dodge Brothers automobile. According to the NLA, Chapter 6 is where he writes about the Dodge Brothers. In 2009 I e/m'd them for info on how to get that info to me. For $13.20AU They e/m'd me that chapter. I printed out the chapter then saved it in my computer. Caution: When I went back to get it, to forward to Jason later on, it wasn't there. So if you go that route make sure you print it out right away. BTW: it's 35 pages Joe C.
  10. Pete K Have you considered coming to the CT meet in June? I know a lot of local members would love to hear the story of your find. If you can't stay the whole week, come down Friday(29th) to look at the cars. What's it.. 150 miles to Southbury CT There should be a 25, a 23, and of course my Aussie build 23. Plus many more newer cars:D Don't know if you are ready to sell anything yet,but if you are, this would be the place. Joe C.
  11. Just a reminder The meet plans are coming together The dates again..June 25-29. Hotel is the Crowne Plaza in Southbury $99.00/night. The block of rooms that were set aside are going fast. Contact me for any questions. Thanks, Joe C.
  12. Jason, I don't have any problem of you scaning the chapter. I was just saying that's what the Aussie library is thinking. It's was a good thing I printed the pages out instead of leaving them in my computer. I looked back in my check book and couldn't find anything related to the book. I must have used my credit card. I do remember that it didn't cost as much as I thought. Joe C.
  13. Jason What I send you was sent as a attachment. After reading this thread I went back into my computer find it and send it to who ever wanted it. Unfortunately it must have had something in it that self destructs after a certain amt. of time, because when I tried to open it there was just garbage. The library probably doesn't want people to do what we are doing. They want the $$$$ Sorry, Joe C.
  14. Jason, The funeral is in New York at the convience (sic) of the family. Joe C.
  15. Jason The Club has made a donation to the church listed in the obit. in memory of Betty. Joe C.
  16. Jack Carpenter's wife died a few days ago. I would suggest you wait a few weeks before you try to contact him. Joe C.
  17. Jason: What are you talking about?????
  18. rayjay, Where in CT? Send me a PM if you don't want the world to know. Are you a club member? Thanks. Joe C.
  19. At Blackhorse , the car is going for $20,000. out the door. Joe C.
  20. Hi all, Just got around to pulling off my back wheels to replace the brake lining. Of course I waited until it was below freezing in the garage. Anyway, I noticed that the felt washers are missing.That's probably why the linings are coated with grease. My question is, how thick of a piece of felt do I need to make the washers? Thanks, Joe C.
  21. Phil, Now a days your're lucky he/she didn't open up on you!!!
  22. Dave, You have to wait for the webmaster to OK you as a DBC member then you will have access to the complete site once it's finished. Joe C. PS: No spaces between in your name
  23. John, You have to type in Dodge Brothers Club then add it to your favorites. My old favorites link did not work. Not everything is up and running yet. Your user name has to be your correct name (no spaces) The webmaster will verifiy that you are a member and allow you into the complete site.
  24. To All: Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe New Year!!! "Let's all keep on Dodging" Joe Cozza President Dodge Brothers Club