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  1. Phil, I have a 2ft. section left. I'll have to make it a point to bring it the next time we get together or at Hershey.I'll like to have someone else look at the wire. Joe C.
  2. Hi, I wasn't able to photograph it, but there are impressions on the wire as if the wire was crimped intentionally. My guess is that the wire was shaped like that to give resistance in the tube where it would stop the wire from creeping up and lifting the little brass piece it's soldered to and make contact with the horn button unintentionally. I know that's a possibilty because I inadvertently created that contact by feeding the replacement wire up through from the clum switch on my other 31 DH when I replaced those wires and I don't remember the old wire being like that. I just had a thought,the wire in question came from my later 31 and they made some changes during that model year. I wonder if that was one of them? Joe C.
  3. Hi Again, Here's a picture. (I hope) Joe C.
  4. Hi All, While replacing the wiring harness and cleaning the clum switch I thought why not replace the horn wire since it was pretty crappy.I noticed that the wire is crimped the whole length of the steering column to the horn button. I've tried to attached some pictures, but couldn't.I'll keep trying.In the mean time does anybody have any ideas of why this was done? Thanks, Joe C.
  5. Phil, You really have to get a real job. You have to much time on your hands to look this stuff up.:)
  6. Thanks Vern,There's a couple ways we could go. Rt .80 thru PA then Rt 75 N or go thru Canada on Rt 3.We have time. It's not a done deal yet
  7. Anybody interested from Ct or the northeast to do a road trip to the meet? It's only 716 miles from Watertown CT 250/miles/day 5 hrs driving time @50miles/hr It's a 2 overnighter trip. Joe C. PS: Anybody from the Mid- Atlantic Region?
  8. Top speed 100 miles per hour??????? I wouldn't want to be in it at that speed.
  9. Thanks for the info. These senior moments are coming more often than I like. Joe C.
  10. Hi all, I'm having a senior moment. When I pulled the drums of the car I noticed that the shoes with the most lining were on the back shoe. I always thought that the primary shoe (front shoe) has the most lining and the back shoe had less. Did the fellow who started this project 18 years ago do it wrong? Thanks, Joe C.
  11. Jason , You can not copy anything from the DBC News as it is coprighted. Page 2 of the DBC News explains it. Joe Cozza, Past President DBC
  12. Hi All, I bought a 1931 Dodge Brothers sedan.Some assembly needed. It came with some extra parts,one of which is this transmission. It has a extra section about 4/5 inches long at the end and before the hand brake. There is a lever coming out of the transmission that moves front to back about 90 degs. from the stop pin. Thanks, Joe C. Sorry can't post a picture. to large
  13. Thanks to all that replied to my question. I'm going to make a offer on the car and that was a expense I didn't know. Thanks again, Joe C.
  14. Hi All, Can anyone give me a ballpark figure to have the above bumpers chromed? The last time I had anything chromed was over 50 yrs ago. And that was for my 31 coupe. Thanks, Joe C.
  15. Hi, I heard that some guys tie a small chain to their cover.1 So it doesn't fall off.2 It doesn't get stolen. It's a cruel out there. Good luck finding one. Joe C.
  16. Phil, I think what Doug was refering to was the early DB's show 4/5 lbs on the oil gauge as does my "23" but my "31" runs around 30 lbs. Joe C.
  17. John, That's the first edition from Phil Kenndy our new editor and there's more to come. Joe C.(ex pres)
  18. Hi John, When I rewired my 31 dh coupe. I used RI Wiring. Drove over there with my old harness, but they really didn't need it, as they have "master" for my car. Took about 2-3 weeks. Been in the car for 5 years now with no problems. Easy instructions to follow when installing.When there was a conflict of their instructions and my hand made one, theirs was correct. If I remember, there's two harness's one for the headlights and one for the rest of the car. I hope I remembered that correctly but a phone call to them will be a good bet.good Luck What I should have done is spend the xtra bucks to get the wiring for signal lights. I broke my leg from kicking myself in my butt. Good Luck, Joe C.
  19. Club members...The date in the last DBC News for the meeting and dinner is incorrect. the correct date is Friday Oct. 12, 2012. The time is still the same. See Ya all there. Joe C., Prez.
  20. John, I'll give you a call later on today. Joe C.
  21. Well,The CT meet is over.Yea!!!!! Four years of planning and then it's over. 35 cars traveled nearly 300 miles, in 3 days of traveling, throughout the CT countryside. We had great lunches when we arrived at our destinations. Mother Nature provided a rain shower to wash off the travel dust on Monday while we were on a bus trip.Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were great traveling days.Then Mother Nature provided another light rain in the early morning on Friday to prep the cars for our show"n" shine.The car count went up to about 45 as local club members joined the show"n" shine. The Friday night banquet was great as was the enertainment. During the week long event no one got lost and only had one breakdown that required the help from our trouble truck. There are tons of pictures posted on the Dodge Brothers Club's web site. Can't wait till next year in Texas. Joe C.
  22. Hi RayJay, I wouldn't take it on Rt 84. You won't make min spd and you will get run over with morning traffic. why not Rt 68 to Naugatuck ,pick up Rt63 in Middlebury to Rt 64 To Rt 188 Bingo your're there. Call me tonite I'm in the book. Joe C.
  23. MikeC5, Pictures are posted of the early bird bus trip on Monday are posted on the DBC's web site. Joe C.