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  1. I have a 1923 DB Touring and the gas gauge works fine. The gears are in good shape, however the face of the gauge needs to be repainted.Has anyone had their gauge repainted, by who, and at what cost? Thanks JoeC.
  2. Rick Next meet 2009 Keizer OR., 2010 Gettysburg PA.,2011 Quad Cities(just over the Miss. river), 2012 Connecticut ( not sure what town home base will be) Joe C.
  3. I have that rad.cap on my 31 coupe. I was told they are hard to come by. I use to leave it on my car at shows when I went to the flea market area, but now, nowing how rare they are,when I leave the car it gets taken off and put away. Goodluck finding one. I saw one at a flea market some years back.They wanted $200 bucks and it was in worst shape than mine. JoeC.
  4. Hi Doug, Did you get my check and are you holding my ticket? Joe C.
  5. Hi All Just took my Aussie 23 touring for a short ride for the first time since I bought it. What a trip! There's a couple of things I noticed that I need answers to. Is it normal for a touring car not to have much power climbing a small hill in 3rd or should I have used 2nd? I'm not use to a 4cyl. Also, I noticed a skip in the engine. I plan on changing the plugs, points, rotor,cap,etc. That might not solve the skip but not knowing the last time they were changed it won't hurt.It could be a fuel problem, but one thing at a time. Can anyone help? Thanks
  6. Hi All.It's me again I've been going though the 23 this past weekend and discovered I have signal lights. There's a lever attached to the dash,when you push it to the left the left cowl light light. If you push it a little further it winds a spring and starts a mechanism that turns a gear which opens and closes a set of points that makes the cowl light blink. It' last about 30 seconds. My question is, does anybody know how early signal light came about? I remember them in the early fiftys, but this seems way earlier then that. Thanks.
  7. Hi choclatetown I looovvveee Chicken!!!! Did you get my ck? JoeC.
  8. Doug, just picked one up at our local NAPA dealer Thanks JoeC
  9. Hi all, Doug I thought about the ticket passing thru New York to late to turn around I'll send you a check. How much?Mind is going! Also thanks for filling in while I was sleeping Don't you sleep? John, Thanks for the info and the pictures and please post more.In the next few days/weeks I'll be looking the car over from bumper to bumper. First thing,get a new gas shut off valve, this one leaks. Second,Fix battery box. When I unloaded the car, drove it in the garage went to disconnect the bat, the hot post was a 1/2 inch away from the metal battery box. the battery could have very easily slid i
  10. Hi All,Just purchased a 23 DB touring RH drive Australian built body. Does anyone have any info about these cars. Maybe some of the clubs Australian DBers could give me some info about this. Thanks Joe C.
  11. Doug, thanks for your help today.I got home ok. Backed the DB off the trailer without running over the wife or dog. I didn't forget the Gettyburg tour,I thought lowkey was just interested in New England.
  12. Hi lowkey,I'm unaware of a Dodge Brothers tour in Massachusetts this year. In 2012 I'm hosting a meet in CT. thru the Litchfield hills. tell me more about the Berkshire hills. Thanks
  13. Doug, Save some gas for me.I'd like to drive it too!
  14. Hi we got home to CT. Mon. noon. A great time was had by my wife and myself. Near choclatetown, I'll be in your neck of the woods this Sat.mid morning hope to see you. bring the dinner ticket.
  15. Hi Ed Got the pic's Truck looks good. Jan Arnett is on target. I agree with him. Grab it if you can. then Join the Club! Joe C.
  16. Hi Ray, If your not a Dodge Brothers Club Member, I suggest you join. It's a great club and there's wealth of info to be had. Joe C.
  17. I'll be there with my 31 coupe Joe Cozza
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