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  1. AR2 California Car Cover Co. makes covers for anything. They have form fo you to measure different parts of your car Check them out. Joe C.
  2. Hi Guys, Aren't they one in the same?
  3. 1930 Ah, to be young.I have all I could to get under my dash in my "31",let along take such a nice clear picture.
  4. Doug, Please e/m me with all info on Macungie.I might have some money left after our meet in Kieizer OR. to attend and possibly bring my 31. Thanks, Joe
  5. I just got back from a car show in Rhinebeck NY. Bill was there, so I told him about the comments on this chat room. He was pleased. Just thought I'd pass it along
  6. Big Mark, Please e/m me. thanks Joe C.
  7. Robburpo: Here's my two cents. Keep the car/truck like it is. Get it running and safe to drive, bring it to car shows and tell the story how back in the "old" days this what farmers did when they needed a truck.Let kids touch and feel a piece of history. Maybe down the line you'll hit the lotto and be able to do a complete restoration but maybe not. Both my cars are older restorations and I enjoy letting kids sit in them at car shows. Parents take pictures,it's a lot of fun. Well that's my two cents. Do I get any change?
  8. Big Mark: I'll look forward to meeting you in Keizer OR. Keizer: Nice to put a face with a name. Do I own you some pictures?
  9. Big Mark: Are you heading to the DBC meet in Keizer,OR.?
  10. Haven't seen anything written. DB'er are always talking.
  11. Manuel I bought it from a DBC member near Hershey PA. in July 08. He got from another member, who is now deceased,i'm guessing about ten years ago. I talked to the daughter and she can't remember how her father got the car. I'd like to find out myself.
  12. Kangabro, My body is steel over a wooden frame also. I've been told the vents were added later. maybe the cowel lights too. I have signal lights. A wind up lever that last about 30 sec., maybe thats why the're there. Who is TJ Richards? I'd like to talk to them. Do you have any info?
  13. There's one on Ebay right now. bid is $316. Bid ends 3/4/09
  14. Here's pictures of my 23. I hope this works.
  15. I'll try to post some pictures of my Aussie built 23 as soon as I can remember how
  16. RE: Merchant Xpress, Thanks for the info.
  17. Is Bill Leuer a DBC member? How close is his place to Keizer OR.?
  18. Rick, I just tried it,it worked for me. 8:03 am. EST.
  19. Hi Guys It was 5 below at ten last night, went to bed with electric blanket on I'm to cheap to turn up the heat. gotta save my money for the Dodge Brothers meet in Keizer.OR. in July
  20. near choclatetown Is that price correct 5gal pail @.23/ gal ? Joe C.
  21. keizer31 I'd love to show you my 31DH6,but Oregon is a little too far and costly to trailer it from CT. As it cost me $400. in gas round trip to go to Kokomo this past summer. Don't anybody tell me to drive it to the meet.I'll be a zommie by the time I got there.
  22. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Hope to see that 31 DB in Keizer OR. in July. Joe Cozza, Prez. DB Club
  23. Thanks guys.This is what this forum is all about. Joe C.