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  1. I'm attending this show on a last minute invitation. As such, host hotels are full. If anyone has an extra hotel reservation they don't need, I'd be glad to take it off your hands. Please send me a PM. Thanks!
  2. For those (like me) that searched this thread, all of the Shelbyville hotels are now sold out. I ended up in Tullahoma at the Holiday Inn.
  3. They responded to my email. They will have all the details on the site by the end of this week. Thanks.
  4. Anybody have any details?...as in what types of cars? ...host hotel? ...judging? etc. Website is a bit weak on details. I sent a note to the e-mail address but figured I'd see what anyone here know. Thanks. The Elegance At Hershey - June 11,12, 2011. Hershey PA
  5. Anyone know where it is? I just like to have an idea where I'm headed before I roll in to town. Thanks!!
  6. Sounds cool. :cool: I can't think of a better venue anywhere in the Northeast for a show. Great cause too. Unfortunately, I'll be in New Bern that weekend.
  7. Maybe....but what about the other war vets. :confused:
  8. Why only those years? Just curious.
  9. Good Job Jed! Let this site do some work for you.
  10. Thanks Guys. That's what I was afraid of. Getting flea market spaces is an interesting idea. I'm gonna look into that. Also, I'll have some help with me so maybe I'll see if I can unload/load on asphalt somehwere. My helper can park the trailer and meet me on the golf course. I wonder how may people have gotten stuck in those cow pastures over the years? Not everyone has 4 wheel drive.
  11. Sorry...computer problems today. It's been a few years since I went to Hershey. Last time I went, the car show was in the Giant Ctr parking lot and trailer parking was...well....in a muddy cow pasture. I understand that the show is now on grass. Does anyone know where the trailer parking is? Thanks
  12. Please forgive me if this has been discussed recently.
  13. There was a comedian who made fun of these alrm/pager things years ago. His thing was..."why would I want this?...so I can run outside and get my a$$ kicked by the same guy that steals my car!"
  14. Dogs don't belong at car shows period. Nothing good can come of it.
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