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  1. I know they're not real old - but it's what I like. Never Happen List: Bugatti Veyron - I know a guy that owns an EB1100GT Ford GT40 Shelby Daytona cp - real one Boss 429 Mustang 64 Thunderbolt Fairlane slightly more realistic list (if that's what you're going for) Mach 1 Mustang - preferably 69 -70 big block or 351C 69 Galaxy XL GT Convertible with a 429 66 Tbird 428 - had one sold it for $500 Shelby Cobra Replica restore my nicely optioned 66 Mustang GT coupe
  2. Thanks for the replies guys - now I just need to save up some $$$ to get my new pole barn so I have somewhere to put the cars after they get blasted!
  3. I was thinking of contacting Brooks for my 70 Cougar & 66 Mustang. They both have pretty serious rust issues. Doesn't the steel shot warp / damage body panels? Anyone actually get an entire car done at brooks? Did you like the results? I've spoken to him & he does seem to know his stuff, but I'm a little worried about the steel shot.