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  1. rollingsculpture

    1969 Continental Mark III For sale

    Being offered For Sale is my 1969 Continental Mark III. Super Nice Car, Cosmetic and Mechanical Frame-On Restoration 4 years ago by the previous owner. Over $25,000 in receipts, Receipts come with the car. Driven Less than 2500 miles since Restoration. 88,000 miles shown on odometer, I only have a couple of old oil change stickers to help authenticate the mileage. Restoration included Base-Coat Clear-Coat Paint in original color, All New Interior and Trunk Lining, All Chrome Trim was Re-Plated or Replaced, Stainless Trim removed and Polished, Tires, Suspension, Total Engine Rebuild, Complete Air Conditioning Conversion to R134 and it Blows "ICE" Cold. Options include: Tilt Steering Column, Auto Light Dimming, AM 8 Track Radio (Radio works, I do not have an 8 Track to test it), Passenger Side Mirror, Cruise Control (not Working), Air Conditioning, Both Driver and Passenger Power Seats, Power Windows and Tinted Glass. Rides and Drives as Good as it Looks. In the last three weeks (from Louisville, Kentucky) we drove it to Auburn, Indiana for the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival, The car Competed in the Dayton, Ohio Concours d' Elegance and just last weekend we drove it to Indianapolis, Indiana for the Hoosier Auto Show and Swap Meet. If not Sold by Hershey we will be driving it there (10 1/2 hour Drive). Asking $14,950. More Pictures available! email me with any Questions, Contact Mark at:
  2. We will be traveling through Lexington, Kentucky the day of the ROA Car Show on Thursday, June 27th. Do you have to be a member to view the show and walk through the event? Thanks Wes
  3. Hi Guys! I just posted over 100 photo's from the 2011 Auburn Reunion. Enjoy the photo's! See you in Hershey, Mark Tyra<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  4. Hi Guys! I just posted over 100 photo's from our 2011 Auburn Reunion. Enjoy the photo's! Another Great Time was had in Auburn! See you in Hershey, Mark Tyra
  5. Hi Guys, I have a Really Nice pair of Front Original Bucket Seats removed from a 1967 Thunderbird. The Driver side is power. The passenger is not. The Color is a Beautiful Medium Saddle. BOTH seats are in Excellent Condition. The power seat has not been tested. I do not know if it works. I need $265 for the pair. Shipping is additional, but they can be shipped UPS or you can save quite a bit of money and pick them up yourself. They are located in Louisville Kentucky. Right now the seats are listed on ebay with 5-6 photo's. email me for photo's and with any questions. Thanks Mark email: .
  6. rollingsculpture

    Collector Car Appraiser Question

    Thanks for all of your help! I will start checking things out. Mark Tyra
  7. rollingsculpture

    Collector Car Appraiser Question

    What is involved with becoming an appraiser of Collectible Cars? Who offers these type of courses? Are there courses available through the AACA? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Mark .
  8. We just posted photo's of the Inventory being taken at Glenn Prays Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Co. Over 100 of them to view! You can view the photo's at Welcome to Auburn As I was putting the inventory article together I heard of Glenn's passing. He was definitely a visionary and lived the life of several men. Mark Tyra .
  9. rollingsculpture

    Auburn speedster question

    If you are looking for a New Metal 1931-1933 Auburn Speedster body you need to look no farther than D&D Classic Automobile Restoration, They are located in Covington, Ohio. If you are familiar with their work you know it is Top Shelf. If not visit their very informative website. These are the Guys that recreated the 1931 Cord L-29 LeGrande Speedster that is displayed in the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum. See their video I thought this might be helpful, Good Luck! Mark Tyra / .
  10. Hi Guys! Last Weekends Duesenberg Exhibition of Speed was Fantastic. It was part of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Clubs 55th Reunion. 71 of the 488 J and SJ model Duesenbergs were registered. I just posted photo's on my website. There are a bunch of them so grab a Beer and check them out! Mark Tyra
  11. rollingsculpture

    HPOF question from a new guy...

    To achieve HPOF Certification is not an AWARD as I understand it. I believe it is an evaualtion of the cars originality. With no confirmed data or results of this certification what was there to be gained from it. You can take home an AWARD from the weekly neighborhood Dairy Queen Cruise, probably judged by the kid that makes the Blizards, but what does the AWARD really mean? It certainly is not a accurate evaluation of your car. Why do owners of Restored Cars have their cars judged... I believe it is to learn what was restored correctly and what needs to be corrected. I assume the AACA offers the judged sheets back to the cars owner, if so I would think it is for those reasons. If not, we are back to the award thing again without any knowledge gained... Just my thotz... Mark Tyra
  12. rollingsculpture

    HPOF question from a new guy...

    re: gruberv8's "...long story short, I think just about every car that shows up gets certified. The 60% rule is pretty generous. Some cars didn't even have their hoods open. There were certainly a lot of repainted cars in the group, I would have classified them as cosmetic restorations, certainly not orginals. That being said, there also were a lot of time capsules". Hello gruberv8, I emailed the VP of Class Judging, Herb Oakes, but never did get a reply. I kind of feel the same way you do... If we cannot see an evalution sheet with the results, what good is HPOF Certification. I really do not need a Large Wood Board with a metal medalion to place on it. I thought I would learn something about my car's state of original condition. I really enjoy seeing the original cars and they are certainly a draw at other shows, but if HPOF Certification Results is a Secret then it is of really no value to anyone other than having some bragging rights to bore someone who does not understand the HPOF rules. I guess it makes the AACA a little money and helps fill the show field. I know there were plenty of cars in HPOF displayed at Hershey last year. There were plenty of interested people looking at them. I too am pretty dissapointed. I do not think I will bother with HPOF display in the future. Mark Tyra
  13. We just posted several pages of photo's from the Keeneland Concours d'Elegance in Lexington, Kentucky and the Ault Park Concours held in Cincinnatti, Ohio. Both shows are nice and are reccomemnded. Click here for photos: Road Trips / Car Shows and Car Events Enjoy! Mark Tyra /
  14. Re: AACA Diamond Jubilee Car Show / Louiville, Kentucky We just posted our Photo's from the 75th Anniversary Saturday Car Show. There are 150 to view. It was a Great Time! Mark Tyra You will find a link at .
  15. rollingsculpture

    HPOF question from a new guy...

    I guess that is where I am going with the desire to see a score sheet... If I had something installled on the car that was not original, the deduction would tell me that I needed to remove it. If I had missing parts, possibly I could locate used original parts to replace the missing parts. There are a few cars, Corvettes and Cadillacs for example, that I know inside and out and would not need a score sheet to make needed changes or corrections. But, if you are into new territory with a car that you have never owned before, it sure would be helpful to get the experts opinion in print. Just a thought that seemed to make sense... Mark Tyra