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  1. I think Clymer sold the idea? to Fyrac in the late twenties before he went to jail. In the 1920's famous Henderson motorcycle racer Wells Bennett mounted 2 of those pistol grip Clymer spots on his bike for his record breaking 3 flags runs.Took me quite a while to find one really good Clymer spot for my Henderson as most have turned to dust as they are constructed out of "pot metal" Fyrac made their version much improved out of nickel,plated brass. so I run one of these as well. Just a guess but I would think 1937 is too late if you want your application "period correct"
  2. Tom,Your car looks like a beauty,too bad you are so far away. I will keep it in mind in case nothing turns up a little closer to home. Thanks , Barry
  3. great info George ! Thanks ! I have a book on Cussler's amazing collection "Built for Adventure" I highly recommend it !
  4. for 17,18,19 20 inch wheels In very good condition $250 US plus shipping
  5. pretty cool and I would think very rare accessory ? sadly the cast cover is broken and the pieces missing don't know if it works ! $100 US plus shipping
  6. Came from a parts stash where there were a lot of Pierce Arrow and Packard parts but who knows? $100 US funds plus shipping One bracket has pitting A few scratches in the glass but no cracks
  7. Much too big for motorcycle anything. This is automotive for sure.
  8. Thanks Mike. First Avanti I saw was at the Ottawa Exhibition in 1963. A gold one parked next to a black GT Hawk , both brand new on display. That, combined with owning a few Studebaker trucks along the way and reading Andy Granatelli"s autobigraphy has made me think it's about time to own one of those amazing cars.
  9. An R2 4 speed located in Canada would be preferable but I realize unlikely.Willing to consider anything, anywhere but want a driver not a pristine high dollar car. No time for a huge project but not afraid of something that needs some work. Don't want an Avanti II ,no offense!
  10. That big V12 caught my eye too. It's a beauty.
  11. It says brouillard right on them !! That's FOG in English ! LOL
  12. Wow! 3 120 Panthers! Wish I could have chatted with this guy. I put a few thousand miles on a Panther 120 in the UK and it had a rare factory sidecar platform.It was a great bike. Never thought I would see 2 v8/60 Arduns in one place! Totally amazing eclectic collection.
  13. Price reduced $600 for the pair or $350 each your choice