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  1. Yes I still have them and can ship them anywhere. I will send you a personal message Thanks, Barry
  2. message sent that might help
  3. some of these cars would be fun to drive up Pike's Pique
  4. A friend is trying to figure out how this was done ? Any advice appreciated . Thanks
  5. A friend of mine has run into this problem . Any help appreciated
  6. I read that Eddie Rickenbaker's 4 wheel braked car in the 1920's was derided for that. I know with American motorcycles a front wheel brake did not arrive as standard until 1928, before that front wheel brakes were rumored to be dangerous ! Of course not all accidents are due to lack of brakes . On the positive side I would guess that the high visibility of a vintage vehicle is an asset as long as the rest of the drivers are not staring at a phone.
  7. On Friday I just happened to see a bunch of these cars flying down Bath Road. They were really moving. Made me think of a few fatal accidents in the past with early autos. A chap and his wife I had met from South Africa about 25 years ago in an early Rolls Royce killed in Minnesota and another accident involving a family in a Deusey in Michigan ? I read that Phil Hill saw the need for improved braking and did so on his family Pierce Arrow.
  8. I was surprised to see 3 Locomobiles on this tour.Is that unusual or are they more common than I thought? They sure are magnificent beasts.
  9. Beautiful day here in Kingston to look at some outstanding cars. There were many more !!
  10. Holy Mackerel there Andy ! You have more than made up for your recent lack of posts ! You live an amazing life true to the VSCC ethos. Great photography as well !
  11. I think Clymer sold the idea? to Fyrac in the late twenties before he went to jail. In the 1920's famous Henderson motorcycle racer Wells Bennett mounted 2 of those pistol grip Clymer spots on his bike for his record breaking 3 flags runs.Took me quite a while to find one really good Clymer spot for my Henderson as most have turned to dust as they are constructed out of "pot metal" Fyrac made their version much improved out of nickel,plated brass. so I run one of these as well. Just a guess but I would think 1937 is too late if you want your application "period correct"
  12. Tom,Your car looks like a beauty,too bad you are so far away. I will keep it in mind in case nothing turns up a little closer to home. Thanks , Barry
  13. great info George ! Thanks ! I have a book on Cussler's amazing collection "Built for Adventure" I highly recommend it !