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  1. Barry Brown

    Importing an Antique car from Canada

    Interesting.Thanks for the explanation and as you say there are crooks everywhere ! I don't think I would be apprehensive purchasing a collector car from a Montreal Quebec dealer such as John Scotti but I see your point about the worry concerning possible liens. I think a statement from a Quebec notary would be prudent for any purchase. When I lived in Quebec I always had the Provincial Police ( Surete) search registrations and/or serial numbers.They were always courteous and happy to do so. As with buying a collector vehicle anywhere first hand inspection and due diligence are paramount. Trailer and modern car dealers are a different kettle of rotten fish.
  2. Barry Brown

    Importing an Antique car from Canada

    Please elaborate ! I lived in Quebec for 25 years and got to know some of the finest collectors and upright citizens there that I have ever met in the hobby.
  3. Barry Brown

    Mystery RUDGE wire wheel

    I bought this a long time ago and am having trouble identifying the vehicle it fits. The spoke pattern as you can see is unusual as it is with a lot of that legendary company's offerings. The spokes seem to be tensioned as the spinner is tightened, something new to me. One chap thought it was from a "Derby" Bentley but I have been unable to verify that.
  4. Barry Brown

    1913 36 model 17 in the UK

    Andy, Are you referring to Alton in Hampshire? That would be quite a jaunt from Staffodshire. I only ask as I have some Brough friends near Alton. Barry
  5. Barry Brown

    MEA Magneto, what does it fit?

    I have a BH4 that has a tag on it stating it was from an Overland car.Does anyone know if this is correct?
  6. Barry Brown

    Help! Weaver Auto Crane!

    The one offered was made in Chatham Ontario, the home of RM !! They should buy it .LOL
  7. I have a friend looking for a rare side lamp for his Everritt and remember seeing Arnold's ads in Hemmings but maybe that was too long ago ! Maybe someone else can help. Here is an old ad of his and the lamp being sought
  8. Barry Brown

    2 Rare Weaver Auto Twin Jacks

    If you have a veteran car these are the ticket. One 4000 pound capacity and the other is 8000 pound. The big one is missing one caster but I have a pair of similar that can be modified . Price is $750 US firm for the pair and I will not separate or ship. I can meet you at the Thousand Island bridge Canadian side at the top of Interstate 81 just north of Watertown New York. Bring your passport or Nexus card. For Canuks I will deliver to either Montreal or as far east as Oshawa
  9. Barry Brown

    1913 36 model 17 in the UK

    Great photos of interesting stuff as usual. Thanks for posting and congrats on the improved time. Surely you should win some sort of award from the VSCC for racking up such mileage including racing no less in such an elderly car!
  10. MB 166 and MB 163 Although they look it, these are not a matched pair. $150 U.S. each plus shipping. paypal ok if verified
  11. Haven't checked if it works yet , it's too big and heavy! Also just guessing what it fits. Part number on the id tag is U624-1 Clock rotation. came out of a garage that had a lot of WW2 aircraft parts . That seems doubtful origin given it's weight. Make an offer .
  12. Barry Brown

    Old used oil filters

    I have a used one here. Maybe good for display only .
  13. Barry Brown

    Large shipping crates

    check out your closest Harley dealer. You may get them for free
  14. Barry Brown

    1913 36 model 17 in the UK

    Great stuff Andy .It looks like you are getting great weather judging from the brown grass ( lack of rain?) It has been brutally hot here and we could actually use some rain. I should mention the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa where I used to work has a beautiful operating Fowler which they restored.It has the distinction of having helped create the first paved road in Canada in Toronto as I recall.