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  1. My 48 convertible,straight 8, manual trans, has been as far south as Savanna, Ga. I live in central Ohio. The old girl runs a steady 15 mpg @ 55 mph. I wont keep up with traffic, the engine really screams at 70 mph. I think she would do better if I could get those 4:11 gears out and replaced with a better ratio.
  2. Hey Rick, Check your message board. I enclosed my email address. Congrats on your new toy.
  3. I guess you could call them models. They are two of my Daughters, we were on a mini vacation in Charleston, WV.
  4. Found this board this morning from the Yahoo Pontiac site. Will try to post picture. I have a 1948 Convertible and a 1950 Chieftain 4-door deluxe.
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