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  1. I've been thinking lately about looking for a 1988 Ford Festiva like the one I bought new in 88. That was a fun little car. I remeber how surprised I was the first time I filled the tank after dring the car for a week or more. 42 mpg in Los Angeles commuting! I had to fill it a few times before I really believed the mileage. We drove it from LA to Naples FL and got over 50mpg. Not a hot rod, but fast enough to keep up. I traded it after getting back to MN where it wasn't such a good car for the winter snow and ice. Still see a couple driving around here in MN though.
  2. Dan; Thanks for posting the photos. What a great looking bunch of cars!
  3. The Cavalier Z24 series of cars might attract some folks. Apparently ran for several years.
  4. Not in this hobby. There are so many reasons people own old/collector cars beyond cash value that increasing or decreasing cash value is probably not even in the top 5 or 10, unless the "hobbiest" is actually just in the "hobby" for the money.
  5. Just came home from the 2012 Auto Show (new cars). The AACA has a display on the main floor this year and it was so crowded you had a hard time getting to see the old cars. Lots of kids of all ages with their parents and/or grandparents (I guess it's spring school break here). Didn't look to me that there was any shortage of young people lusting over FWD or RWD cars. Plenty of kids ohhing and ahhhing at the AACA display, which included a very cool 1909 Luverne touring car.
  6. Even though I live in a fairly developed suburb my lot backs up to a 100+/- acre farm field. Mice were a problem, even in my garage. The solution for inside the car was dryer sheets stuffed behind the back seat, under the seats and in the convertible boot area. Outside the car I used the plastic alligator style mouse traps with the liquid goop in a bottle (forgot the name). (When we moved into this house 21 years ago they told us the field would be full of houses in 5 - 7 years. Got a lucky break there and an extra 14 years of pleasant views so far
  7. To name just a couple, Buick Reatta and Riviera. Probably also the Cadillac Eldorado. The Mazda Miata comes to mind. Almost any "special interest" model will probably have some sort of collector following. As for electronic parts, I rather expect that there will be repro or "universal" parts of some sort to work around the issue.
  8. Here's a link to the RM Auctions page for this car 1929 Cord L-29 Special Coupe by The Hayes Body Corporation Nice as the photos are, they don't do justice to the car. You need to stand next to it to really get a feeling for the scale and proportions of the car. I dug up a couple low quality photos I took of the Hayes Coupe in 2002, not very good images, but with the people around the car it gives it scale.
  9. I don't know. But I hope it is going to someone that will keep it in the public eye, on display in an open access museum or various events. To me, this is one of the most beautiful cars in the world.
  10. Dress Code . As of today, 3/3/2012 on the visitor info page of the The Nethercutt website says No Dress Code for The Collection, but does say reservations are suggested because of the demand for space on the tours. We visited the Museum a couple years ago and hope to visit again this summer. Last time we didn't get to the Collection, this time we are planning on it.
  11. I've kind of narrowed my search for long distance traveling car to between a 1969 and 1973. By 69 I think most cars not only had seat and shoulder belts, but also had some form of front seat headrests. A quick look through a book about 60s cars show a 67 Imperial and several AMC Ambassadors with headrests. Those would meet you 45 year cutoff.
  12. Please accept our sincerest condolences on your loss.
  13. Replace the whole front seat and the splash panels behind the bumpers.... and keep the old parts. The the next owner can easily get the car back to original condition, torn seats and flaky paint and all. Drive around with a torn seat and it's only going to get torn worse, no matter how little you drive it.
  14. Be sure to see the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum, in Tampa, Florida, features vintage cars and vehicles.
  15. Then you don't have to use it. Others might find it helpful. This is the internet, appropriate links are always a good idea. In 3 days this thread will probably be buried so far back in the list that few if any will ever see it again. If someone bookmarks the link now it will be easily available to the on their own computer anytime they want it.
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