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  1. replacing the hood ornament on a 35' PJ 2 door Sedan is there a best 'approach' to get in and underneath, removing the 'broken' one, and to clean and install the replacement? Like many other things its a very tight space. any advice,direction is appreciated
  2. I have a 1935 PJ Deluxe which all of the sudden has been shorting out - blowing the fuse under the dash. This initially happened when I pulled the headlight switch out a second pull. Then again one time the car went dead when I stepped on the brakes. I put in a higher amperage fuse I had in the toolbox so I could get home, now I notice I no longer have brake lights when stopping. Initially I thought the 'short' was at the headlamp switch, now I'm not sure where it may really be - i have to go hunting. What I dont like is the ignition being tied into everything else. Is it easy enough to separate out the ignition on to its own fuse? Thanks
  3. Can anyone out there in the Chicago area reccommend a decent transmission shop or mechanic, that has some experience working on older trannies??? Thx.
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