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  1. Funny but those cars were driven past my Grandparents farm while on the test run at the factory. Most all the duesys were! Part of the old test "track" was 86th (old US 52 bypass or Indiana Road 100 )on the north side of Indianapolis. Just west of Allisonville road and 86th was a hill and all the Dusenberg test cars had to stop at the bottom of the hill and pull the hill in high gear. The hill has since been shaved down and is hardly noticable now but even back in the 80s it was still a decent pull for being in the flatlands. If anyone wants to see it, it is at the place where 86th street make
  2. Could have been Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean highway. posts were marked PPOO. My grandma went on a trip in 1919 in her Dads brand new Nash touring and they drove that highway for part of the trip. Car must have been crowded as there were her parents, 4 brothers and a little sister and everything they needed for the trip packed in and on.
  3. 165 hp engine, cool! I bet it was an engine they were going to use in house to run line shafts. They made some large engines to use in the plant clear up to a 300hp monster with a 1.5 story tall flywheel. They also sold a few of the large engines to other factorys including large 4 cyl stationary jobs. I have a 1906 type A stationary 4.5 hp Olds. 1906 is one of the very few that can be definatly be identified by year. First year for water hopper and last year for cast connecting rod. The forge plant at Olds engine works opened in 1907and made rods for the stationarys and cars. I sure would LOV
  4. Looks like they were having a good time. I see 2 empty bottles and a third one getting the last swig out of it.
  5. Looks like a fuel tanker bed from the 20s. could have been mounted on any truck that would have handled the weight. Usually buckets were stored in the rear housing. The fuel man carried the oil or kerosene or gas by hand in buckets to the customers tank.
  6. I wouls ay about a 28 International. There was an original one on ebay a while back with the headlights mounted on the cowl.
  7. 57 Chevy Belair 2dr HT with 2 4bbls. Dad bought it new when he worked at Hare Chevrolet in Nobelsville IN. He traded it in, back in 1963 on a 1962 Impala 2 dr HT with 327 300hp 4 speed which he still has. He does wish he had the 57 back though!
  8. I bet I saw that car when I was a kid, Dad and I went to that show every year. Sure was nice when it was at the Speedway infield.
  9. Hubba Hubba! Guy must be a lifeguard, those guys got all the babes!
  10. Seems I read years ago about some very early tires being made of gum dipped hand layed canvas and were horrible as far as reliability went, might go a hundered miles or so before totally shot. They also deteriorated in a few months time.
  11. With all the hub bolts on the rear They look like 1.5 ton trucks to me but would have been sold as "cowl and chassis" with custom cabs made. I like the steam recovery condensating radiator cap on the one! The diamond tread tires are Goodyear.
  12. Tell me more about it and send pics if you have any. Bob spentrkts at aol.com (replace "at" with @)
  13. Looking for good seat springs for 27 28 Chevy LM LO 1 ton truck. These are the lower ones I need and use 2 sets although I can get by with just one. I don't need the seat back springs. Spentrkts@aol.com
  14. Looking for a #7 Klaxon horn. Spentrkts@aol.com
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