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  1. IM going to borrow a crt so i can run cass i will let you know when i find out ookk Craig
  2. I will have to look car is at a body shop i will check it out as soon as i can Craig
  3. I was at the yard today and was looking for a cooler for my sons 90 . looks the same as stock 95 caddi sts sitting rgt out frt eazy for the pickin just thought i would pass it on Craig
  4. I am thinking headlite switch is my problem i had just tail staying on no brake lights now my twilight stopped working think its all the same stopped using twilight and no problem since ?????? Craig
  5. I to have reatta and a allante i stayed away from northstar for money reasons i do like both cars reatta is more smooth in my opinion Craig
  6. I only know about 91 and a puller is required never seen one slip off
  7. looking to sell car needs some tlc but is a head turner Pm for pics or intrestest
  8. Anything going on in Mi getting warm ????? Craig
  9. To cool im glad i grabed it what do you think its worth just curious Im going to keep it Craig
  10. I found in a reatta at the junk yard what i think is a strap for stuff in the behind seat storage area. it was in one of the cubbies a strap that has three hooks and is made to adjust did they offer this can someone chime in it looks like it was made for the car but i have never seen one. Craig
  11. That would look so good next to my BMW i want it but then again i want a 850 BMW next cant have everything Craig
  12. Ive seen fla cars as rusty as (rust belt cars) or even worse is that because there not inland enough or people just dont take care of them were ever there at Craig
  13. no 16 ways glove box latch yes pm me Craig
  14. I have a 89 white and burgandy parts car that is coming home in a couple of weeks to be parted out door panels are spoken for frt fenders hood bumper headlights frt windshield will be gone motor and trans are in great shape i will drive it home Crt is gone other than that let me know eitheir PM or here Craig
  15. I saw that chair when we picked up the 90 vert brake lines went bad on it and my buddys on another project rgt know hopefully soon it will back on the road Craig
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