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  1. Very nice indeed! That was my Dad's 1st car he ever owned and said it had the best engine of any car he ever had. ................Steve
  2. Indeed, a nice Peerless as the pictures show. Can any more information be had about the details of it? ......Steve
  3. Wasn't Polonium the substance used to kill that Russian that spoke out against Putin? .........Steve
  4. Really nice car you got there ! A '29 Hupp is a real solid car - built like a tank. Good luck on your restoration. .............Steve
  5. Hi, It would reaaaaaly help to show a picture or two, especially of the grill. .........Steve
  6. Never mind .........I see it was already brought up. ..................Steve
  7. I don't know how I missed this important bit of info, and I already knew Rolls-Royce paid Packard for the rights to use the Saf-T-Flex suspension, but twice now - in 2 different publications on reports on the new Bentley they mention it's engine design is from a mid 50's V-8 Packard. This is news to me! And I though I knew alot about Packards. Anybody else knew about this, or is it me with a box over my head all this time? BTW- It's now bored out to 400 cu. inches with 530 hp and 774 ft. lbs of torque - with, I may add twin turbos. I believe if Packard were making cars today they'd get that
  8. Interesting, not one smile. In fact they all look like their frowning. Maybe the drivers driving skills are not so hot, and they all know it?
  9. Fantastic !!! A great video ! Steve
  10. No wonder the Germans lost the war !!! Steve
  11. He didn't try offering $145,000 ? Something's up with that ! Steve
  12. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has an engine block for a 1954 Packard Pacific/Patrician that they want to sell? It's a 359 cu. inch engine. Or possibly know someone that has one and doesn't need it. A friend told me he remembered seeing in "The Cormorant News Bulletin" of a year or so ago of someone selling both a freshly rebuilt 359 motor and also a 359 block. I just wondered if anyone can remember who it was? My guess is he's in the club. Much Thanks ! Steve
  13. I'm sorry, I just realised I should put this in the wanted to buy or sell section - my mistake !!
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