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  1. Didnt know that. Thanks. I posted some pics of the car if that helps. I would love to know more about this year.
  2. It has fluid drive but i dont know if it is custom or deluxe. I hope to get some pictures up soon. Hopefully tomarrow.
  3. I am slowly buying a 1941 Lucury liner. The car is in good shape. Solid Body, Underside looks great. I in no way can afford to totally restore it but would love to in time. I would like to make it look better on the inside. I am having a hard time finding pictures of the inside of this year. At some point the someone attemped to refinish the interior but never finished. I would like to make it a nice driver. Trying to keep the origonal look. I wish i had enough money to do a complete restoration but then again dont we all. I hope to get some pictures up soon.
  4. I am buying a 1941 Dodgew Luxury Liner 4 door Sedan. I copyed the serial number from the right side door frame. Its 30501017. i copied the number off the engin to its. 630175-3. There was a plate under the hood on the fire wall it is 82712S. Ther was a star of david on the plate very corroded. I had to wet dust to show the number. lol. I dont know what these numbers mean. I just fell in love with the car. It has the origonal tube radio. I cant seem to find anything on these prewar cars. I figured you all would point me the right direction. THank you for your time and attention