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  1. I took apart the turn signal housings in my 1963. The light configuration was a little odd when compared to other cars of the era. There is a turn/parking bulb. A single filament running bulb and the oddest shaped cornering bulb I have ever seen. I initially took the housing apart to replace the oddly shaped cornering lamp that had burned out. The bulb has a designation of TS1195. I found replacement bulbs but they aren't the same odd shape as the old. They were #2057 21w. I'm guessing the 21w is a designation for brightness(21 watt). I would like to get the original bulbs but I don't know whe
  2. Thank you for the info Tom. Was wondering if you can get the hoses from NAPA as well? I know it depends on how original I want to keep the car. Again thank you for the reply!! Robert Henley #8992
  3. My power steering pump, or 1 of the hoses for that matter, is leaking. It makes a whirring noise when you turn the wheel. I've topped the ps/fluid, but it still makes the noise. The question for me is, do I replace the pump or rebuild it. I don't want to be a cheapskate on this so, if I need to, I'll replace the pump with a rebuild. Of course I'm going to replace the hoses just to be on the safe side. I've looked through the Riview and didn't find a ps rebuilt/nos supplier. I did find kits to rebuild at classic buicks.com. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Robert Henley #8992 63 riv
  4. Jim and Gee Rydes- One more thing. Just copied the numbers off the engine. It's-----4I174335. Can't quite make out the the other numbers. I didn't say this was a numbers matching car, just trying to figure out what the deal is with this engine. Obviously, the number on the engine doesn't match the VIN. VIN--7J1018817. Doesn't the first number in the engine# indicate where the engine was manufactured,4=Kansas City? The "I" of course indicates the model year,I=1962. I'm assuming the rest of the numbers are"legally" to match the VIN. With such a large amount of numbers after the "I", I'm guessing
  5. Jim- If you want,I can send these photos to you via e-mail.I have pics of the dash, speedo, engine#,VIN plate,trimplate, and a pic of the engine itself(re:color).I'm new at this computer thing. Not sure how to link to my pics from here. I know how from e-mail! The thing that stumps me is, the engine #.
  6. Jim, I took some pics of the areas in question. The engine codes both show an "I". There are 2 sets of numbers,both containing an "I". There's "production code" stamped with an arrow pointing to the numbers in question. I can send these pics via e-mail if you want. I also have shots of the dash, speedo, trim plate and VIN plate. The car was originally silver but the previous owner painted it black 20 years ago. I've owned it for 7 years. The rest of the car is "mostly" original and not restored. My engine is a green color. I read "all" 401's were painted silver. I saw this green in a'62 Elect
  7. Hey Guys, You guys have opened a whole can of worms for me. The FB code for me is 5523, a very early production. I have a 10E code so,it was built in Oct. of 62'. I think that explains the engine code showing "I", meaning model year. I'm guessing that since it was an early production model it had a 62' built engine. The rest is I6,N2,SU8,Z4.This is a heavily optioned car, that's one of the reasons I was trying to find the complete history. I did find out that there was 37,399 cars with the 401 cid and 2601 with the 425 cid. Try,www.rivowners.org/features/colortrim/images/bodycode.gif
  8. Hey Jason, I already contacted Indiana DMV and they said they don't hold records of that sort for more than 10 years. I bought the car July 2000. I have the name of that person on the photocopied Indiana title. The problem is he purchased the car in Feb. 1990 and they don't have a record of who he bought it from. The state does offer a title history search for $8.00,but it has been more than 10 years since that persons ownership. Someone ought to start a business tracing auto ownership for old cars(prior to 1980). Thanks for everyone's input.
  9. Hey Tim, I think I met you at the "Back to the Fifties" week-end at the fairgrounds. I'm from Il. and was in your great city painting a water tower in Mahtomedi. If you're the same gentleman,you had your black Riv there. I could be wrong because I met so many people there that day. I thought it was going to rain that day(there were very few days like that last year). I've tried to google the name on the title I got some hits on it. I aquired a few phone numbers on those hits,but they came up short. Only one hasn't returned my call. I found a owners manual in the glove box but it had a differan
  10. 66-ML-109849-ML-<br /><br />Moved to Riviera Forum RWB
  11. I wonder, can anyone out there give me a starting point as to how to find the history(ownership)of my 63 Riv? I purchased the car July 2000. A photo-copy of the Indiana title was made. I tried going through the Indiana DMV,but as anyone who has dealt with the DMV knows,I got no satisfaction. I bought the car thru a 3rd party,so it has been difficult to locate the previous owner. I was trying web-sites that will give a car history,but the VIN has not enough characters,according to the sites. Please help.It's not a special vehicle,but I would just like to know the history. Thanks in advance for
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