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  1. Thanks Bob if I understand it correctly this section of the site will not change or? Harry
  2. How do we use/enter the new website? Thanks Harry
  3. Paul My 48 Continental has a tank plug, I used a wand and carb cleaner and cleaned the tank out, of course after draining it. I left it in the car and just jacked one side and then the other to get the cleaner in all of the corners. All kinds of interesting stuff came out. I pulled the fuel hose on the tank and fuel pump, then using my air nozzle for the air compressor blew out the lines. It seems to have worked. Since I did not have any rust come out I am debating if I want to use the tank sealer/liner fluid or not. I did not find a filter on my tank, it does not mean that it did not have one as the pervious owner did some strange work on this car. Harry
  4. John I sure could use one. Interesting is that both the one that came out of my 48 Continental and the spare instrument cluster both have glass and they both are busted/cracked. I will contact you off forum. Thanks Harry
  5. Hi Gene thanks for the tip but I am stationed in Germany and the only glass shop that I know of and took it to said they could not do it because the glass was for a car! No Lowes here I am afraid. I will keep trying the ads and eBay. Thanks Harry
  6. Folks, anyone have an extra to sell or know where I can obtain the glass for the instrument cluster? I need to finish up the dashboard. Thanks Harry
  7. Folks I was trying to remove the chrome trim around my instrument cluster (48 Continental) and busted the glass cover over the instruments. I have an extra instrument cluster that has a good glass but the instruments are not so nice. What is the correct way to take the glass out of the cluster? I now know that the chrome trim has metal retainers on the inside. I hate having to learn the hard way. Thanks Harry
  8. Abe that is interesting, but what is a fuel injected Stromberg 97? I thought that they were carburetors. A fuel injected V12 would really make our engines run. I too would be interested in details. Thanks Harry
  9. I finally got the right rocker panel to fit well almost. There is a slight angle that goes from the floor board to the door inlet on the panel. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get that angle in after the rocker has been spot welded to the floor at the top. Fitting it to the bottom of the U shaped inter panel make the angle on the bottom and the door jams on the rocker panel. I tried to get the angle in before spotting the panel to the floor (floor was marked where the original fit). This has used up about 20 hours of my work time and I still do not have the panel on right. I am open to all suggestions. I was thinking of marking the area that has to be bent down and using a large piece of flat iron to lay on it so I could beat it with a heavy sledge hammer. The bottom of the outside rocker panel has to fit on the inside piece at almost a 90 degree angle from looking at my original left side. Thanks for any assistance. I have not figured out how to post a photograph on here from my iMac but I can send via email to anyone wanting one. Harry
  10. Thanks again to everyone especially Doug Johnson who cut the piece out of a car he was junking. I sandblasted the part, measured it and then cut that area of my trunk out. After fitting and welding, I do not even have to lead the area. I had a good day today. Just a little hammer and dolly work and some clean up with the grinder disc and it looks great. Thanks again Harry
  11. Thanks for the offer Lee but I now have three of the chrome end pieces. The one that came with the cable was the best so that is the one I will use. Interesting is that all three of mine were held on my a small screw not an allen head one. I am almost finished with the assembly of the dash with almost all new chrome parts, except for the rims on the clock and speedometer. I could not find them so I just cleaned them as best as I could. My original lock unit is as Peecher says, it has a cap on the back of the unit. I am going to check my steering column anyway and see if it has a hole for the locking cable. If it does I will install it as it looks like a good anti-theft device. If not, I will sell it for what I paid for it. Harry
  12. There is a unit almost like mine on eBay.com right now the number is 251010844955 Thanks Harry
  13. I purchased a new ignition lock off of eBay mainly for the nice chrome piece that you pull out after you turn the key on and before you push the starter button. This one looks just like the one that I took out of my 48 Continental Coupe EXCEPT that it has a thick cable going to a mount that the steering shaft fits into. When you turn the key on and pull the chrome piece out the end of the cable that is fitted with a solid plug is pulled out of the steering wheel shaft. I hope this makes sense. My question is: Is this a proper part for a 48 Continental or was it an option? It would make it a lot harder to steal the car with this part engaged. Thanks Harry
  14. Thanks to all of you for the response and especially to Doug who is sending me the piece. I finished the welding and leading of the rear of the body and hope to have the right rocker panel on this weekend (due to the job I am limited to Saturday work time on the Lincoln). It may get finished after all. Thanks again Harry
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