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  1. well I did it now! not only did I buy the hemi but Im also just closed the deal on a 1953 olds 303 that I will be starting on the tear down sence there is no history available on that motor. WOW I didnt think that would happen! Ill post some picts of the 303 after I pick it up in the next few days. also may be looking for a set of manifolds if he cant find the ones that came off the motor. it also has the hydromatic still atached. what will I have to change? (cross member.. motor mounts?
  2. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: keiser31</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Being a Chrysler raised kind of guy, I say go the Hemi route, but first go to the Hemi Owners Association website and research the 331s. I rebuilt one as a kid centuries ago, but for the bang and buck combo they will more than likely steer you to a 354 or 392 Hemi. Then....yes. Cram that into your car. I am sooooo tired of seeing Chevy 350s in everything with the hood up (at shows, I mean). </div></div> I would soonerrun the flathead 6 that runs great than a small block chev!
  3. okay I never thaught I would ever be faced with a problem like this! I have had every intention to put a 303 or the like in my 40 olds however, I was talking to a buddy about helping me to find a good runner and boy did he spin me for a loop! he said why dont you just buy my 331 Hemi? I said what Hemi? he said I have one out back that I havent started in a couple years. I know most everybody is gona say something like anything is cooler with a hemi, however like I said I was realy wanting to keep it with a olds mill. He also had a cadillac 331 that made me think. what kind of problem is that you may ask? I dont know at this point? I have never built a hemi before and I would like the build to a budget. give me your feedback I'll post a few picts. so you can get the idea.
  4. okay they do have a vin # and depending on the state you title it the laws change some states you may have to have it inspected. Also does it have any lic plates? because that may help depending on when it was last lic. and how far back your state holds its records. P.S. I would love to see some picts.
  5. thaught I would post a few new picts of the progress on the olds.
  6. Sorry for the late responce, computer isues I baught my garnet from a local blasting contractor and I paid $33.00 for a 50# bags you can purchase it on the net also at wwww.handsontools.com I used 60/80 grit and it worked terific. You can get it in course of fine grits, my experance was it far better than soda! and you can use a standerd blast pot you do not have to use a soda pot. there is plenty of info on line for garnet blasting
  7. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: docfrahm</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Very nice !!! Did you use soda? </div></div> no, I have used soda b4 and this time I used garnet and it worked great! it also treated the rust as soda does not.
  8. I just blasted the olds and gona start on metal work and get it in primer. thaught I would show some picts. Im so happy how clean it came out little rust!
  9. okay I know you are all wondering what progress has been made? I'm only 10 or 20 hrs away from having the car in primer and start reassembly I will post pictures soon !
  10. I was able to find some pict from google searching 1972 delta http://i246.photobucket.com/albums/gg115/rrr4x4/oldswheels3.jpg http://i246.photobucket.com/albums/gg115/rrr4x4/72oldswheels.jpg
  11. Okay I just aquired a set of 4 1971 1972 olds delta 15" polycast wheels.pictures online are hard to find. they are in good shape however one is missing a trim ring? also are these valuable? 5 on 5 bolt patern so I was going to paint them and run them on my 40 till I get something better.
  12. I hate to do it but if no one is interested Im going to scrap my parts car!
  13. If you own a 1940 olds then you need to check this out I have a complete front end fenders, hood, grill some rust but not bad! also 2 rear fenders, trunk lid, some trim and many other parts! What do you need? just ask! most all came off a series 90 4 door.... Seattle area could ship CALL ME (360)661-1090 George
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