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  1. Hi all this is from Minnesota....I just had mine out the other day to take some pictures in the snow...Enjoy
  2. I am thinking about making my 65 thunderbird into a parade car. Does anyone know if the understructure is the same on a hardtop as a conv. thanks Lyle
  3. I am thinking about making a parade car out of my 65 bird. dose the frame need to be reanforiced when removing the top or is the under structure the same on a hard top as a conv. thanks for any info
  4. I just got my water pumps back from skip and he said I did not have to use thormastats. I have them installed. I run it for an hour in the shop and it got up to 190 degrees. can not wait to get a nice day and try it on the open road
  5. What are the elec things under the dash that look like they could be a resitor or a fuse then there is a small little metal box below them that looks like a relay or such.What are they and what do they do? Thanks for any help Lyle PS this is on a 37 linc
  6. I need help. The aluim bracket that holds the fuel pump and the oil fill tube was cracked. I found one off a old ford engine. It seemed to be exactly the same. Just had to change the oil fill tube. I installed it and now the needle valve will not shut the fuel off. If I bypass the mech pump and use a elec pump it works fine. The mech pump worked fine with the cracked bracket. whats wrong ThanksLyle
  7. has anyone installed a dipstick in a v12? i don't trust the floot and would like to see what the oil looks like. thanks for any info lyle
  8. is that a wood spacer under the carb? if so does that help vapor lock than lyle
  9. looking for chrome bar that goes across top of front seat and down each side for a 37 zephyr lylekuhn@yahoo.com
  10. chrome bar that goes across top of front seat lylekuhn@yahoo.com for a 37 lincoln Zephyr
  11. ralph what kind of pump and where did you get it. i have the same problem thanks lyle
  12. thanks guys good pic. cecil i had my zephyr at the back to fiftys car show at the mn. state fair grounds. over 11,000cars there and i think mine the only zephyr . your wiper towers showed well. thanks again lyle
  13. dose anyone have a picture of a 37 steering wheel and horn button? i need one and don,t know exactly what they look like. thanks for any help
  14. thanks shortop. i guess i will just enjoy driving my lz and not worry about it thanks lyle
  15. my car is 37 and has only two holes in the bell housing so most likley is a 37. it runs realy well but not real quiet like the old v8 flatheads run. it has some ticking. is there anyway to find out if it has hyd lifters without pulling it apart. thanks lyle
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