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  1. Painterir, you should start this with a new thread. But, to answer your question- if you move the panel to one side as much as you can and pull out the light switch lever and use a shop light to look into the left side of the light switch you will eventually see a button in the centre of the switch almost to the back of the switch. Using a LONG slim flat blade screwdriver depress this button while wiggling and gently pulling on the light switch lever it will pop out. It is a bit hard to acomplish but this procedure works. Good luck.
  2. Garrick, Welcome to the thread. I would jump at the opportunity to respond to your invitation but, unfortunately, I am in Newfoundland, Canada and it would be an extremely long drive to attend. I am sure someone much closer will jump at the opportunity to display their car. It is not often we get an invitation to attend a car show such as yours, especially with the possibility of being the only one on display. Good luck with your show. Bob
  3. The top material used on the TC's is Haartz. It is a three ply premium material. Most manufacturers today still use this material in their better cars. I believe it is fairly normal for the material to shrink slightly over time, after all we are looking at over 20 years. I have never heard of a case where the top could not close because of shrinkage. It is probably a little better tight than loose and looking sloppy.
  4. Reminiscent of carrying around a spare resistor in th 60's!
  5. There is some more data you may want- search for "Production figures for year and colour" in December 18, 2008 on this thread.
  6. There were 7,301 produced in total, of that number 501 were produced with twin-cam 16V head. In 1989 there were 3764 produced, in 1990 -1900 and in 1991 -1637. The serial numbers did not run continuous from one year to another. I did see somewhere the production number ranges for each year, but I don't remember where. I think it may have been posted by another member. Maybe someone else still has the numbers and will post again, But I think if you search you will probably find them.
  7. Sheech, 'the rainy season (Dec to March), I wish. Here we will get up to 8 - 10 feet of hard rain, called snow, piled around the house. I guess I am just jealous!
  8. I prefer the original black one. It seems to hide the lever a little better. Sorry! But if you like the woodgrain one better, that's fine too, it's your car.
  9. We finally got a good spring and summer. I think it was the first in 30 years. Anyway I took my hardtop off in April and have not put it back on. I keep the car garaged at all times with a half cover at times. When the weather turns cool, but still sunny, I will put the hardtop back on and enjoy the car a little more.
  10. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the car is the right colour too. Thanks. Already set as my wallpaper. Now if you could just do one ....................................................... Bob
  11. OK! That answers that question, and saves me some work. I guess cutting out that feature was a "cost cutting" measure. Thanks for the replies. Bob
  12. The TC is alleged to have lights in the outside locks. Do they? I recall getting at my locks and inside of the outside door handle last year for cleaning and lubrication but I do not recall and lights in there or wiring running up to the lock cylinder. It is rare that I use my car in the evening or at night, but if they are there I would like to get them working anyway. Any advice would be a help.:confused: Bob
  13. Hold On! That's too many, I don't know which one I like the best!!!!!!!
  14. It simply covers the windshield (goes below the wipers) lies flat on the body attaching to the door handles with elastic loops and runs below the top lip of the trunk lid with a couple "tubes" sewn in the fabric. It fits neat and tight and looks great. It only takes minutes to install.
  15. Recently my wife's PT died for no reason whatsoever. No indication of anything wrong that day. No starter, no lights and only half the dash lights. It turned out that the battery decided to self distruct. Somewhat confusing since the battery was only three years old and the car is only used in the summer and all winter it is attached to a battery tender. The oddest things do happen. Hope it is only something simple and inexpensive.
  16. If you check on e-bay you will find these horns. As far as technical skills, few are needed. The horns mount with a "L" bracket each and the compressor mounts with a simple nut and bolt. The only other item you will need is a length of air line, I believe I used a piece of 5/16", the "T" comes with the horns. Good Luch. BTY thanks for the correction Pfaff is a sewing machine, the horns ARE Fiamm!!! I can't see frightening anyone with the terrifying sounds of thread looping. Regards Bob
  17. If you take the compressor apart it is imperative that you re-install the fins inside in exactly the same position which they were removed from. These carbon ffins have seated and if reinstalled differently will not provide a good seal and consequently poor air supplies. Alos, when they wear, which is probably the situation, they tend to loose their compressive values.
  18. If the mechanism isn't fully pulling the top down it could well be a broken gear body. These were only made of plastic and break fairly easily. The besy way to check it out is yo remove the full mechanosm from the car, I think four nuts, and examine. If it is broken, it is readily available. Good luck. Bob
  19. I think that is a normal problem. Just keep fidgeting around and it will come out ok. Bob
  20. Rolf, I just set it up as a background on my desktop as a full screen but it is very blurry. Any chance of reproducing it in higher resolution? Bob
  21. When mine went bad I first tried to clean the compressor. It worked a little better but still not properly. I then found out that one of the horn tubes was blown (pardon the pun). I opted to replace the whole thing. I purchased a Pfaff air horn set and mounted the new compressor exactly where the old one was and relocated the two new bugles to the centre bracket ahead of the radiator. I mounted one horn facing to the right and one to the left, it took less space. It worked out perfectly. Good luck. Bob
  22. Rolf, I gotta say that I really like the black and white. Is it with a fish eye lens and border? Bob
  23. It seems the likely culprit is the tach board on back of the cluster. I'll check it out when I get a chance, much too busy now. Thanks
  24. Personally I would have gone for the fluid and filter change. I know of no incident where a fluid change has damaged the tranny. There could be a "chunk" of something intermittantly sticking in a valve in there causing your problem. Make certain that the CORRECT fluid is used though, not a universal. It was nice of the guy to check it out for you free though.
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