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  1. Ghostly, you are not totally correct, air in the lines will still give you a more spongy feel. And you have to be very careful bleeding the rear cylinders because there is a hell of a lot of pressure in there.
  2. Are you sure it is not caused by air in the lines giving you a soft feeling peddle? Have you bled the system? If you have not and are going to try, make sure you follow the proper procedure, it can be dangerous.
  3. No, not yet. I am still hoping to find a small gauge. Just stuborn I suppose.
  4. Rolf, The history of the TC may be merky and questionable but the backgrounds are still perfectly clear and lovely !!!!!! Bob
  5. For some reason I thgought Maserati did the design. Remember this car was delayed for years before it finally came out. Look at the similarities with the Bi-Turbo. Finally the design was copied in the LeBaron which in essence destroyed any market share that the TC would have had. As usual the "big guys" know better (or do they?).
  6. Bruce, If you find a right assembly at a great price, let me know. Good luck.
  7. I got mine from Prior Manufacturing, however TCParts (.com) carry them as well. Make sure you get new stock when purchasing, there are a lot of new old stock out there and aftermarket stuff you really do not want.
  8. Isn't that the oddest thing you have ever seen. What did he do? Repcace the bumper a grille from a leBaron, because the rest of the car certainly looks like a TC. Looks like he "modified" the front fenders to make the bumper shroud fit. Yuck!!!!!! Last chance, people, only one in existance! Hurry, hurru, hurry!!!!
  9. Personally I prefer the 3.0L, although this engine had one fault in the valve guides. The early models, the ones used in the TC, allowed the guides to drop. Normally you could see a puff of smoke from the tailipipe as you came to a stop if a guide was out of place. I am not suggesting the guide fell out of the head, but it dropped in the mount. The only fix is to remove the heads and install new guides, only where they have shifted, and these are then retained in place. I had four of my guides replaced this spring. I do not think the problem would cause any severe damage to the engine but I did not like the puff of smoke. all the early 3.0L had the same problem. Subsequently the problem was corrected at the factory. Also I thought the 3.0L was NOT an interference engine. Lots of luck. Bob
  10. What type of fluid did you put into the tranny. This is a fussy tranny and you should use only Mopar ATF 7176. Any other fluid can cause problems. I do not know if this is your problem, but I would suggest you visit a Chrysler dealer and talk to a tranny specialist. Good luck. Bob
  11. When you said 7.5 quarts I thought you were running a diesel. I would suggest someone with a 16V measure their engine oil dip stick and post here, then you should check it with yours. There seems to be something definately wrong here. Almost any engine around uses 5l of oil with a filter change. Is there any sign of oil flushing out of the top pan or EGR valve?
  12. know what you are saying about size, but if I don't have the space on the dash for a 52mm gauge what can I do? Thanks for your reply.
  13. I just had another look at mine. The only section that is loose are the narrow strips above and below the marker lights on each side. The more I look at it, I am starting to believe there is not evan an attachment at those locations. It looks like there is an attachment both in front and behind the light. It almost seems like the material (rubber) deformed in between the attachments where it thins out at the lights. Has anyone else had this problem? Will 3M tape hold it secure enough? Bob
  14. Looked everywhere, but I cannot find either that I want.
  15. Does anyone know where I can get either a small rectangular digital or 25mm round analog turbo boost gauge? (at a reasonable price)
  16. :confused: Does anybody know where I can get a "small" rectangular digital turbo boost gauge? Or at worst a 25mm round analog one.
  17. Canthe attachment screws on the rear bumper bump strip be replaced? How are the bolts attached to the trim piece? My trim is starting to come loose just at the side marker lights.
  18. Might seem strange, but mine is all black inside (seats, etc.) with a tan inside hardtop. Maybe it is like tat just to brighten things up a little.
  19. "Flapping" of a softtop is normal if the windows are open. It is caused by the air (or wind) blowing in through the open windows while driving. If the top is fairly taught when you are stopped I would not worry about it. Try closing all windows and going for a short run. You will discover that the "flapping" has stopped. Bob
  20. Some Yoko's are also made in Taiwan. My advise is to research the best tire you can afford and go with it. All manufacturers have had their share of defects and failures, most we don't even know about. I guess it is like the old adage "buyer beware", at any rate most have road hazard warranties. Your tire seller will normally have a large selection and can help you with the purchase.
  21. I don't think that statement is totally correct, I kinda like the light yellow.
  22. Once you log on, look about 2" below the top left corner. You will see "Post new Thread". Push the button and go. Good luck. Bob
  23. Sorry for the delay, TC Leslie just left us with power lines and poles down, roofs torn off and trees broken. Will try to send tomight. Bob
  24. Send me your e-mail and I'll send you the schematic for a '90, I assume it is the same thing. Bob
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