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  1. I am looking for the three plastic pieces (Call them sockets) that the lower column knee facia attaches to. How's that for a complicated request?) Also do you have a CD player and headlights? Thanks
  2. I have since found out that there was a gap of 136 numbers between the serial numbers between 1989 and 1990. Therefore the serial numbers of 1989 cars are the actual build numbers and if you have a 1990 simply subtract 136 from your serial number and voila, you have the actual build number. I am not aware of any missing numbers between 1990 and 1991. If anyone else has any additional info I would be interested.
  3. Does anyone know how the vin no's split for the three years. IE, what numbers are not used.
  4. Thanks for that info. I was trying to find out the build number on my '90 to have a plaque made. With that info I can put the actual and correct build number on the plaque.
  5. The small forward facing allen screw will loosten the shifter handle body only. You also have to lift upo the push button which is clipped to the shift lock rod below. Use a small screwdriver to lift up the puch button. Then CAREFULLY , VERY CAREFULLY pry up the centre shift lock rod. This rod ic clipped to a metal piece at the bottom. Oncl up the shifter body can be lifted off. What I did is filed down the plastic clip at the bottom of the lock rod so it wouild be easier to remove the mext time. Hope this is helpful.
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