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  1. Check fuse #7 as well, it serves the antenna, chimes and speakers. Hopefully you will tell us that is why the chimes have not been working.
  2. You probably will not be able to buy anything to fit. You will probably have to make up your own filler plate and install a single din radio of your choice. Your bigger problem will probably be matching speakers to the radio.
  3. 1- Is the motor attempting to run at all? You will have to listen carefully at the motor in the trunk. 2-Have you tried lubricating the shaft, it could be simply a dry sticking shaft. A couple of years ago my antenna would only extend about 12", I used tape to make a dam around the antenna shaft at the body and soaked the area with pen oil. It slowly ran down the shaft and freed up the shaft. Once it was working freely I lubricated the shaft with synthetic oil. It has worked perfectly since.Bob
  4. Have you tried Larry Carlson at TC Parts. He may be able to help you.
  5. Check around and you will find cleaners and conditioners recommended by Hartz, they made the top. One product is a top cleaner and top treatment made by 303 Products. As far as the loose fabric around the rear window is concerned, I had the same problem and the fix was simple. I cleaned the area, installed the same product they use on windshield installation and taped down the fabric. It worked out perfectly. Good luck. Bob
  6. Not bad, Rolf, but you'll never beat the stylized TC with the caption "It's My Toy", sorry. It's still the best yet. At least I think so! I wonder why???? Bob
  7. The V6 is a non-interference engine, which is good. The only problem with the early V6's were its dropping valve guides. Other than that they are a good overall engine. The A-604 transmissions were one of the first electronic trannies, they had some faults. but didn't they all. I have a V6 with the A604, no problems with the tranny but I did have to remove the heads to replace dropped guides. Whatever you decide they all have their good and bad points. Good luck, hope you get a good one.
  8. Check location 2 in the fuse block.
  9. Have you tried to check the circuit at the back-up switch? Have you checked the fuses?
  10. I don't know why there are people like that around. How is he going to profit from your misfortune? Keep looking around, I am sure there is someone in your area with a top. Good luck Bob
  11. I stand to be corrected, but I think the rear side glass is operated by a geared nylon cable. If this is the case be very careful removing the weather strip because any excessive up or down stress on the geared cable could strip some teeth off it thereby requiring replacement to open and close the window. I am not saying you cannot replace the weatherstripping without removing the window but caution should be exercised. Also a shot or two of silicone spray would not be unwarranted. Good luck Bob
  12. Bubbles, the original paint code is a PPG supplied code and is located just inside the drivers side hood hinge on the lower end of the hood. Have you looked there? In matching the light yellow in my car I had a local auto paint supplier mix up a 16 oz spray can for me. When he mixed standard paints it did not match all that great, then he mixed up a more expensive paint and it matched perfectly. Bob
  13. C, when you say that your pull down does not work, what exactly do you mean. Is it not latching properly or is the motor not running? It is difficult to comment if we do not know the exact problem you are referring to. Let us know and we may be of some help. Bob
  14. I do not know if there is any repair that can be done that would not be noticeable. I would suggest that you go to your local glass shop, they may handle soft tops as well, if not, they can probably suggest a local dealer that does. Visit them and see what they say. If all fails try attaching a TC emblem over the hole with a stiff backing, depending where the hole is. Another suggestion would be trying to get a piece of the same colour top from someone here who has a damaged top and glueing on a patch. Good luck. Let us know how you get on. Bob
  15. Larry, I posted the single cut crystal key today. Bob
  16. CPC, It indicates that your ABS system is malfunctioning. With the light on, the ABS system won't function but the brakes will operate normally. If you don't care if the ABS is not working pull the light, otherwise it may take some checking to find the fault up to and including the ABS valve assembly.
  17. Larry, I have an uncut single cut crystal key and I need a double cut crystal key, you need the opposite. Interested in a swap when yopu receive your key. Bob
  18. Bob, glad to hear you got your car. One more for Canada. I do not think they are the same as the LeBaron, someone here should be able to fix you up with a mirror soon. What colour is your car? Bob
  19. Great idea. These led strips are available for DealExtreme.com for only a couple of bucks including shipping. The downside is you have to be patient as they usually ship from China.
  20. Larry, do you have a double cut crystal key for the '90 and are looking for a single cut crystal key for the '89? Bob
  21. Have YOU tried reading the codes?? Turn the key on-off-on-off-on, without starting the engine. Count the flashing light at the left side of the instrument panel. All codes read as two digits, for example one-pause-three-pause three-pause two-pause translate to 13 and 32. Check the red manual on page 14.24 and 14.48 for explinations. Good luck. Bob
  22. Only goes to show how much more durable chrome is over painted and clear coated. I wish I had a chrome shop near me, I would do the same thing. I bet they look great chromed, there is a lot of detail in the wheels that should stand out beautifully.
  23. Bubbles I wouldn't recommend any grade steel wool on the SS trim. You're going to end up scratching it. There is no such thing as soft steel wool, it's steel thread. Use a good quality cleaner and nylon pad. The stainless should release any contaminates. Then follow up with a good SS polish for protection. Afar as the wheels are concerned, most likely the finish is simply word out over the past 20+ years. Any good cleaner and soft round tapered brush will clean them. If they are still not good enough, the possible only solution is to have them refinished. Age does take its toll! Good luck. Bob
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