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  1. Lt Muse, there are radios on e-Bay now, one is 251308818297. This will fit your car and give you AM-FM-Cass and CD.
  2. Not suggesting that your speakers are not bad, but I had static in the passenger door. I pulled the panel to check and found one of the wires to the speaker was scraping off a metal edge ( I think it was the glass regulator) and wore through the coating causing static. I taped it up, secured it and all is well ever since. It may be worth a look.
  3. I have to replace my clockspring and have not gotten around to it yet. What does the warning tag say?
  4. When I checked my sensors a couple of years ago I found the cavity blocked with grease, dirt and whatever assorted guck could get in there. I first cleaned the area with whatever I could realizing I had to be gentle on the sensor and wires. I sprayed brake cleaner where I could and cut strips of rag about a foot long and worked them in between the sensor and ring gear, pulling the rag back and forth to clean out the mess. After a couple of sprayings and rags the area was clean as a whistle and no harm done to anything.
  5. I found a rats nest of wires under the dash connected to the alarm system (which did not work- surprise). First I slowly traced each wire from the control box to find the connection points, then I disconnected each wire where it was just connected and re-spliced the original wiring where it was cut. A couple of wires went out into the engine compartment. Everything worked fine afterwards. Too bad the alarm system wasn't factory!
  6. You will probably be better off trying to pull the leather back in place, unless it is totaled. Recently someone on this thread did just that by heating the leather and pulling slowly back into place. Then he spray glued it in place. He had some great success. The only other possibility would be to have a local leather shop stitch you up one to match. All our cars have the same problem with the leather shrinking over the cluster.
  7. Congrats on your new TC. You will find a lot of people on this thread that are willing to help with any problem/question you may have. Good luck with your car and happy motoring.Bob
  8. Chances are is that your radio needs replacement. Now is a good time to pick up an AM/FM/CD/Cassette from a newer Chrysler. They are direct replacements and will give you the best of all worlds. If you have power at t.he antenna, my guess is the motor is gone, time to search out a replacement. You could always try dismantling the motor, cleaning it up, and see if you can get it to work. Sometimes this works, sometimes not. Good luck. Bob
  9. Looking at the manual there looks like a tall spacer slipped over the top of the antenna shaft and a washer above that. Then the assembly is pushed up into the fender. Then you install the plastic adapter, which centers the mast and finally screw it all tight with the chrome recessed nut. Finally the lower end of the mast is attached to a "L" shaped bracket and this finally to a body support. The only ground I am aware of would be by way of the body support and bracket at the lower end.
  10. Yes, the antenna should fully retract into itself. If it is not, an adjustment must be made at the spindle that pulls the mast up and down.
  11. Like Digger said, but if I can add one thing. If you must replace the Velcro use the sew-on type without the pre-installed adhesive, as the adhesive on the stick-on stuff will cause trouble trying to add the Gorilla glue.
  12. When I removed my headlight switch lever I used a 10" thin flat screwdriver and a bright shop light. If you position the light just right you can barely see the release button on the rear right side center of the switch. If you manoeuver the screwdriver just right you will be able to push the button. Just remember you must let the pull lever go slack to release the lever. Just another enjoyable part of owning a TC. Bob
  13. I had a similar problem with an old portable 8-track player (remember them) some years back. The unit appeared dead. I dismantled it and found the belts decayed. Found belts and replaced them, then the unit popped back to life. Hope this is of some help.Bob
  14. Yeah, I had the same problem with my conv. liner. Opted for liner removal and replaced the hanger pockets, they were rotten although the liner itself was good. Not much problem removing it but did have some alignment problems in re-installing. Not nuch room in the "back seat".However it worked out ok. Bob
  15. Ghostly, you can add mine to the list as well. 1990-206206-YBB-V6-auto o/d-no-yes-no-n/a. Good job. Bob
  16. That's ok, your problem now is definitely the odometer gears. I think you can get them at TCParts. Good luck.Bob
  17. I would suggest that if it went together it can come apart, however you may not find the parts you need. Are you sure it is the valve itself or a fitting on the brake line?
  18. Great looking result, I guess no-one thought of that one. I would imagine a lot of TC owners will be trying this out. Thanks for the info.
  19. Rolf, sorry, I still like the original better. Have been using it since you first sent it to me. However, Yellowdog, if you get a decal I would love one as well. Naturally I will pay costs. Thanks, Bob
  20. Some years ago I encountered the same problem. At that time there was a small hole through the back of the cylinder. All I had to do was remove the cylinder and push the broken key out. A local locksmith cut me a new key from the broken one. If there is no hole in the cylinder back, after removal you could try applying a drop of oil to the cylinder and tapping it vertically to force the broken key out.
  21. Normally, it is not the gears in the speedometer that are the problem but the gears in the odometer, the speedo keeps working ok. Your problem appears to be either a wiring one, speedo motor or a sending unit. I would first check all wiring and connections, this would cost you nothing. Secondly probably replacement of the sending unit may be in order. Maybe you can pick up a working one fairly cheap. If this fails maybe a speedo head is required. But I would no go headlong into spending a lot of money or douing a lot of work until you get some other opinions.\Good Luck. Bob
  22. You will have to remove the trim around the mirror and window switches by gently prying up on the lower end of the trim. Then loosen the attachment bolt on the mirror switch by holding on to the adjustment lever while unscrewing the bolt. Now the fun starts, you have to remove the door panel. To start there are four (normally) screws along the top edge of the lower carpet piece, remove these and pull off the carpet ( don't be rough because the carpet is on a metal strata and you do not want to bend it too much) Now remove the large screw facing forward in the pocket handle, remove the door unlatch trim and the additional screws along the panel lower edge. When all is free gently pry off the door panel. Frequently you will find additional screws, so be careful. Lowering the window will make removal a little easier. Once the door panel is off replacement of the mirror switch should be simple. Replacement is in reverse order. But, while you have the panel off it is a good time to check and lubricate all internal moving parts. Good luck.
  23. The high break light is connected to the brake light circuit. Have you physically removed the high brake light and actually checked for power at the contacts inside the light.The biggest problem is loose or corroded contacts at the power bars in the fixture. You can either solder these wires on to the power bars or screw them on using short screws. In case you are not aware the two screws that attach the light are mounted behind the tconneau weatherstrip below the light Good luck. Bob
  24. Greg, welcome to the thread. Sorry to hear about your damage, it must have hurt. I am sure someone here will be able to help you. Tell us a little more about your TC. Bob
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