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  1. Good point but I do not leave a sensor in the car. Although my wife is usually with me, she is out and away from the car sometimes when this happens. It also happens when I am alone. I would say the frequency of this happening is 50% of the time. Thanks for your response though.

  2. It is only part of the problem that the dealer cannot find a solution but the dealer has contacted "oasis" on three occasions and even the manufacturer cannot find a solution. The dealer, for his part has bent over backwards to help me. We have only one Lincoln dealer here.

  3. Apologies for starting this thread here, but I am desparate for help. When I touch the lock sensor the doors lock, then as I walk away from the vehicle the vehicle unlocks itself. When I again touch the sensor and lock again sometimes it will unlock again. This problem does not happen all the time. My dealer has checked and re-checked and contacted oasis and during the last visit replaced the body controller, but the problem is still there. I would appreciate it  anyone has heard of this problem or a potential fix.

  4. OK, I either having a BAD day or I'm starting to crack. Replaced my odometer gears and the odo works fine, but I did get a shock when I took the car out for a test run. The instrument panel lighting is red.  All I remember, when I did drive the car at night, which was not very often, to my recollection the lighting was clear (white). What happened?

  5. When replacing a t'stat, and to prevent possible future problems of overheating your engine buy a failsafe t'stat. This t'stat is designed to fail in the OPEN position thereby not causing possible engine or radiator damage by failing in the CLOSED position and overheating. They cost a few dollars more but are worth the price.

  6. Hi, Dave, welcome to the thread. You will find a lot of help here if you post questions about your car. They are a great little car and we enjoy them. You should do a little research and find out about exactly what you have, it has a great history. Also, welcome to North America, I just spent three weeks on a cruise through the British Isles, had a great time. I guess you have found things a lot cheaper over here on this side of the pond, I know I was shocked at the prices in GB. Try contacting Larry Carlson at tcparts.com for you shifter button, he should be able to help you. Again, welcome and good luck. Bob

  7. Bob, I cleaned mine a couple of years ago without a lot of success. The truth is that the brushes in the air chamber have been working for about 20 years and are pretty well worm out. You can dismantle and clean but if you do not reassemble exactly as you disassembled it will never pump air again. Adding oil may be a short term solution, but as soon as the dust inside attaches with the oil it will clump up and the pump will not seal air. Your simplest solution is get a fiamm, or whatever brand you choose, air pump and attach to your horns. I personally went with a whole new system as one of my horns were bad as well. I mounted the new horns sideways directly below the hood latch panel, lots of room and out of sight. Good luck.

  8. Gees Bill, what's wrong with using a cell phone while driving? You know that a woman (I'm going to get letters) has to use the phone. By the way, I do NOT believe that hands free devices are any improvement. If a person is on the phone while driving, their full attention is on the conversation and not the driving, most of the time, especially if the person is having an argument. There should be a lock-out in the car that will not allow a transmission to move from 'park' if a cell is detected. If you need to use the phone, and just what the hell is so important that you need to do it while driving, pull over, place in park and talk away to your hearts content (btw Heart's Content is in Trinity Bay, Newfoundland right next to Heart's Delight and Heart's Desire). Your conversation about a new pair of shoes or having beans for supper can wait. As far as ABS and other safety systems are concerned, bring it on, the more the better The more safety that is built into cars the better off we will all be. Sure, we did without them for 100 years, but look at the statistics. Most people cannot adhere to the speed limits, stop at stop signs or red lights, they need to make all new cars idiot proof for the idiots that are driving today.

  9. Well that was a fine pi**ing match! I just got back from holidays and missed it all. I am surprised so few decided to comment. My opinion, for what it is worth, is that any major change to the vehicle, and certainly removal of the original ABS system would meet this criteria, would nullify the Department of Transportations approval for the vehicle, whether it be in the US or Canada. It seems to me that whatever your "opinion" might be, the legal ramifications would take precedence. You can certainly do anything with a car and not have trouble, but keeping the car legal and insurable is another matter. Certainly the insurance companies and the DOT would have a definite opinion on this matter. Now lets all shake hands and move on, please.

  10. Welcome to the thread. There is a 3/4" OD hose running from the air box to the PCV valve on the engine, is that the hose you are referring to? As far as the box itself is concerned I am pretty sure it is the same as most other Chrysler cars of the era. Have you tried running an on-board diagnostic to see if any faults show up (key on-off-on-off-on and count the flashes on the idiot light on the left side of the panel). There are slight pauses between the flashes so if you end up with 13, 17 19 for instance this gives you three fault codes. List them here for explinations if you do not have a manual. Good luck. Bob

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